Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

THE RICH MAN'S WIFE examines the murder of a rich man whose wife has everything to gain by his death. The movie contains suspicion, nasty villains, a jealous boyfriend, and a surprise ending. A tightly written and well-executed thriller, it suffers from TV movie of the week syndrome and can't rise above its simple premise.


(Ro, LLL, VV, S, NN, A, D, M) Romantic worldview where man would kill for love; 36 obscenities & 8 profanities; brief but brutal violence including kicking, fatal shooting with bloodshed, shooting, fighting, & attempted rape; implied adultery & adulterous kiss; upper male nudity & distant image of photographs of nude female; alcohol use & abuse; smoking; and, lying & extortion

More Detail:

Halle Berry plays the title role in THE RICH MAN’S WIFE as Josie Potenza , the wife of TV executive, Tony. The couple plan a vacation getaway. There, Tony can’t get work off his mind, so he leaves, and Josie remains. When her car breaks down, a stranger, named Cole helps out. She confides to him that she sometimes desires to see Tony dead. Cole says he could do it. Frightened, Josie demands a ride home. Back in southern California, Tony is murdered. The police suspect Josie . They know she didn’t have a perfect marriage and she could only stand to get his fortune if he ended up dead. Before Josie is arrested, her secret lover Jake and Cole are examined in the mystery and so is Jake’s estranged wife. The actual brains behind it turn out to be a surprise.

THE RICH MAN’S WIFE moves along with speed and intrigue, but this is a story thoroughly covered on TV murder mysteries. Like many thrillers, this movie contains the standard psychopath who victimizes a woman. The only intriguing part of this movie lies in the racially-mixed casting of the marriage. With some brief but brutal violence and foul language, THE RICH MAN’S WIFE remains as a mediocre thriller that will break no ground in cinema or social relevance.