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What You Need To Know:

Kevin Costner plays Tin Cup McAvoy in the movie TIN CUP. A down-on-his luck golf pro, Tin Cup's goal is to win the girl away from long time rival David Simms and win the U.S. OPEN. With extensive foul language, some nudity in a strip club and a discreet sex scene, it represents entertainment which will offend many moral Americans.


(Pa, LLL, V, S, NN, A, D, M) Pagan Worldview where man tries to redeem himself from a lowly position; 91 obscenities & 28 profanities; mild violence with brief fight scene & man breaking golf clubs; brief sex scene under sheets & sexual innuendo; brief upper female nudity in strip club; alcohol use & drunkenness; smoking; and, many instances of betting

More Detail:

TIN CUP places Kevin Costner on dry land and features skirt-chasing low-end professional athletes. Costner plays Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy , a golf pro at driving range in a tiny West Texas town. Business is poor. One day, a goofy, but beautiful psychologist named Dr. Molly Griswold asks for golf lessons. Later, PGA star and longtime rival David Simms offers Roy a job as a caddie on the pro tournament. Cash-poor, Roy swallows his dignity and accepts. Adding injury to insult, Roy finds out that Dr. Griswold is dating David! Humiliated, Roy decides to straighten-up, woo the Doctor and beat David in the U.S. Open — things easier said than done.

With sharp dialogue, engaging acting and a strong plot, TIP CUP looks like a candidate for moderate financial success, but for many moral Americans, this movie may prove to be troublesome. The extensive foul language will offend many people. Furthermore, TIN CUP has a scene in a strip club and nudity is shown. TIN CUP has several breeches in its logic, not the least of which is the unbelievable appearance of Roy in the U.S. Open. TIN CUP represents entertainment, but many people who are not golf enthusiasts, nor foul language enthusiasts will want to stay away.