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The Welsh movie TWIN TOWN is an anecdotal hodgepodge which depicts the escalating feud between low-class drug-addicted brothers and an upper-class local bigwig. When Brynn Cartwright, a wealthy roofing contractor and local king-pin doesn’t take care of an injured employee, handyman Fatty Lewis, Fatty’s shiftless sons, Julian and Jeremy, exact the ultimate payback on Cartwright. They attach him to his own garage door, so that when his wife opens it via remote control, she inadvertently hangs her husband. Julian and Jeremy are two drug-addicted, lower-class brothers.

Growing out of the United Kingdom’s post-Thatcher resentment of the rich, this trashy, garbage-mouthed film is an anarchistic take on how the poor can take creative revenge on the rich without getting caught. God says: “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay.” (Romans 12:19) So when filmmakers glamorize revenge, as this film does, they risk the ire of Him Who also says: “If anyone causes one of these little ones... to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Matthew 17:6) Rife with obscenities, immorality, drug use, and violent vengeance, this movie is a waste of the audience’s entertainment dollars. It is a disgusting mix of car-stealing, drug-dealing, animal-torture, and murder.


(Pa, LLL,VV, SS,NN,A,D, M). Pagan worldview of escalating revenge feud between low-class drug-addicted brothers & a wealthy upper-class local bigwig; 220 obscenities & 7 profanities; severed dog’s head found in a bed, family blown up in a violent explosion, father slaps daughter & wife, cops torture innocent scapegoats, & man hung to death in his own garage; four acts of fornication; and, rear & upper male & female nudity; & two men urinate on a woman on a nightclub stage

More Detail:

TWIN TOWN tells what happens in the seaport city of Swansea, Wales, when Brynn Cartwright (William Thomas), a wealthy roofing contractor and local king-pin, doesn’t take care of an injured employee. When handyman Fatty Lewis falls off a ladder on one of Cartwright’s shady roofing jobs, Fatty’s shiftless sons, Julian (Llyr Evans) and Jeremy (Rhys Ilfans) demand that Cartwright compensate them for their father’s broken legs.

When Cartwright laughingly refuses, the two well-known rascals devise a grotesque revenge plan: they urinate on his daughter as she performs in a karaoke contest and then leave the severed head of the Cartwright’s pet poodle in bed where Cartwright’s wife finds it.

Cartwright’s enraged response to these atrocities-mingled with his involvement in a drug-dealing scheme with two corrupt policemen, Terry and Greyo (Dougray Scott and Dorien Thomas) results in the deaths of Fatty, his wife and their adult daughter in a fiery explosion. Which impels Julian and Jeremy, orphaned and alone, to exact the final and ultimate payback on Cartwright. In an demonically creative way, they attach Cartwright to his own garage door opener, so that, when Mrs. Cartwright opens the door via remote control, she inadvertently hangs her husband.

Finally, the Twins (as Julian and Jeremy are inaccurately called) arrange a grand parting tribute to their father (whom they had not previously respected), before they steal their dead nemesis’ cruise boat and sail off into the dawn.

TWIN TOWN’S rollicking musical score creatively mixes punk rock, pop rock, show tunes, and Welsh piping bands. Also, the cinematography is good. However, the story is a disgusting hodgepodge of foul-mouthed revenge-taking that is a waste of time and money. Also, the director insists on inserting as many as two obscenities per minute of running time, which is totally unnecessary to telling this story of low-life lay-abouts.

While TWIN TOWN’s anti-heroes, Julian and Jeremy Lewis, represent some of the most unattractive leading men in recent film history, the film’s publicists claim that their criminal antics “highlight the absurd nature of revenge.” Yet, the film implicitly glamorizes their revenge by elevating it onto the silver screen. TWIN TOWN’S implicit message is that it is okay for the poor to get back at the rich, if the poor can get away with it. This is absurd. People reap what they sow, and a harrowing hell awaits those who mock God’s law during their brief sojourn on earth.

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