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Release Date: June 18, 1993

Starring: VOICES: Michael Crawford, Ben
Vereen, Ellen Blain, Ben
Gregory, Paige Gosney, &
Elizabeth Moss

Genre: Animated musical adventure


Rating: G

Runtime: Approximately 80 minutes

Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox

Director: Charles Grosvenor EXECUTIVE
PRODUCER: William Hanna & Paul

Executive Producer:


Writer: Mark Young & Kelly Ward BASED
ON STORY BY: Rae Lambert

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(E, B, H) A balanced environmental message combined with Christian virtues such as love, forgiveness, kindness, perseverance, and cooperation set in materialistic world (no references to the super or sub-natural).


ONCE UPON A FOREST tells the story of three small creatures who must journey from their forest home into a dangerous, unfamiliar world in a race against time to save the life of a friend. A well-crafted animated movie, ONCE UPON A FOREST avoids any New Age, or humanist messages and emphasizes love, forgiveness, kindness, perseverance, and cooperation. Although environmentally conscious, the film does not take a radical position and emphasizes that we can work together to solve our problems.


ONCE UPON A FOREST introduces us to four small creatures, known as furlings--Abigail, the mouse, Russell, the hedgehog, Edgar, the mole, and Michelle, the badger--who, as the movie opens, say goodbye to their parents and run off to be instructed by Cornelius, a wise old badger. While they contend with each other on a river ramble instruction, a truck carrying poison gas runs off the road, and gas leaks throughout the wood. The furlings return home to find that the gas has destroyed all the foliage and many of the animals. Michelle has to be rescued herself from the gas when she runs into her underground home to find her parents dead. Cornelius tells the three healthy furlings that Michelle needs certain herbs administered within two days to survive and that they must find a healthy meadow to find those herbs. In the end, they must work together and overcome their fears to retrieve the herbs in time. The ending will bring tears of joy to the most hardened heart.

ONCE UPON A FOREST is a well-crafted animated film which children of all ages will love. The film avoids any New Age, occultic, or humanist messages. Also, ONCE UPON A FOREST emphasizes Christian virtues such as love, forgiveness, kindness, perseverance, and cooperation. Although it is environmentally concerned, the film does not take a radical position and does emphasize that we can solve our problems by working together.

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