Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

Two lost souls wander aimlessly across Nevada EASY RIDER style in search of a place to bury the ashes of a dead friend. Only moderately entertaining to begin with, ROADSIDE PROPHETS, with its nihilism and repeated attacks on Christianity, is definitely one to miss.


(LLL, Ab, NN, S, H, A/D) Over 52 obscenities & 8 profanities; Christians and Pro-lifers portrayed as psychos; brief nudity at strip joint; implied one night stand; and, drug-induced "heightened reality" & alcohol abuse.

More Detail:

In ROADSIDE PROPHETS, when a friend dies, factory worker Joe Mosley honors his friend’s last wish to visit “Eldorado,” a town in Nevada. A few days later, Joe sets out from L.A., the friend’s ashes strapped to his Harley. Joe meets Sam, a young biker who insists on tagging along. Together they stay at cheap motels and eat at truck stops. Predictably, they encounter assorted wackos and freaks including a fatalistically existential state trooper, geeky corporate-clone hotel clerks and Timothy Leary, who is still praising drugs. After many a misadventure, they locate “Eldorado.” In celebration, they blow their cash and their bikes at the Jackpot Casino. Then, they dispose of the ashes and hitchhike off into the sunset.

Though ROADSIDE PROPHETS begs to be the EASY RIDER of the nineties, its comic nihilism makes such a comparison difficult. Aside from nice cinematography, few viewers will derive much more than a few laughs from this low-budget ride into nothingness. Moral individuals will take offense at the repeated Christian bashings, which include an inflammatory depiction of a fanatical pro-life mailman who blows himself up in solidarity with the unborn.

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