STAR TREK PICARD: Episode 307 and 308: “Dominion” and “Surrender”

"Riveting Tale of Good Versus Tyrannical Evil"


What You Need To Know:

In Episodes 307 and 308 of STAR TREK: PICARD, the shapeshifting captain seizes control of the Titan. She threatens to kill the people on the bridge one at a time, unless Jack, Picard’s son, surrenders to her. Meanwhile, with Worf’s help, Riker and his wife escape their captors. Picard, Jack and Geordi are hiding in the bowels of the Titan. Their hope is that Data can overcome the mind of his evil twin brother, who’s trying to control of Data’s android body. They need Data’s computer mind to wrest control of the Titan’s systems from the genocidal shapeshifters.

Episodes 307 and 308 of STAR TREK: PICARD are the most riveting, exciting episodes of the program to date. They ratchet up the tension with the villain and strengthen the bonds between the good guys. The program’s sense of humor never flags. Episodes 307 and 308 have a strong moral worldview stressing love, friendship, sacrifice, and freedom overcoming tyrannical, ruthless evil. However, Episodes 307 and 308 of PICARD contain intense action violence and some foul language. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for older children.


(BBB, ACACAC, PPP, H, Ev, O, L, VV, D, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong moral worldview with strong anti-communist, patriotic elements stressing freedom and control of self, as good guys work together to overcome a warlike inhuman faction of communistic shapeshifting aliens trying to take over an alliance of individual alien races by committing genocide and mimicking the individuals while being unnaturally connected to the members of their own race, and the good guys stress love, friendship, sacrifice, and freedom, as well as family connections, with a two references to evolution by villains, plus one human character has visions and is able to look through the eyes of other people to manipulate them, and another character shares the other character’s visions to determine what’s happening

Foul Language:
Episode 307 features four obscenities and one GD profanity, and Episode 308 has five obscenities (including one “f” word by the major villain and one BS word)

Strong action violence in both episodes includes man and woman run through corridors firing phasers at pursuers, an alien appears as a monstrous face and threatens a shapeshifting alien, alien talks about genocide and painful experimentation being carried out against and upon her people, a changeling shape shifts multiple times in a disturbing fashion, many people and alien shapeshifters are wounded in a phaser battle (some appears blood on a man’s face), several Star Fleet officers are gunned down by aliens (some blood on faces and floors), alien villain vaporizes a Star Fleet officer with a phaser, Worf executes an enemy guard with a stab in the back (weapon is seen protruding from the victim’s stomach), man walks into a room with a grenade threatening to kill himself, a woman kills many enemies with twin blades (some blood from hack and slash combat), a villain is ejected into space where the body freezes solid and bursts into multitudinous pieces upon impact with floating debris, a spaceship is blown up, etc.

No sex

No nudity

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
Female villain smokes thin cigars but there are no drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Star Fleet is accused of engaging in biological warfare and creating a cure for the disease they brought but not sharing it with the enemy.

More Detail:

Episodes 307 and 308 of STAR TREK: PICARD on Paramount+ finds Picard and his friends, including the crew of the Titan, fighting back against the shapeshifting alien captain and her crew then they take control of the Titan. Episodes 307 and 308 of STAR TREK: PICARD are the most riveting, exciting episodes of the final season to date and stress love, friendship, sacrifice, and freedom against a form of communist tyranny, but there is some foul language that warrants caution for older children.

In Episode 307, Jean-Luc Picard, his son, Jack, and the rest of the crew of the Titan try to unravel the mystery of the changeling game plan as time is rapidly running out. Vadic, the captain of the changelings on the other ship, has taken Commander Riker and his status is unknown, though his captors try to convince his friends that he is dead. Meanwhile, Picard tries to solicit from Data – or the “new positronic body” that seemingly houses the remains of both Data and Lore – an answer to the question of why the changelings have stolen the remains of Picard’s old body from Daystrom.

As the plot thickens and the battle between Data and Lore intensifies, so does the eminence of the Shrike’s crew finding and boarding the Titan. Jack suggests that perhaps they should give him up to the enemy to save the ship and its crew; but this is not an option that anyone is willing to consider and thus a choice to fight where flight is impossible is made. With Vadic and her men boarding the Titan, Lore battling with Data for supremacy, Jack’s fear that he may be something worse than he believed himself to be, and revelations regarding the history of Star Fleet and the changelings, the outlook for Picard and his crew is bleak regarding who will eventually have “Dominion.”

In Episode 308, Vadic and her crew take complete control of the Titan, including its bridge, while Picard, Jack, Geordi, Geordi’s daughter, and Jack’s mother, Beverly Crush hide below decks with Data’s body. She threatens to kill the officers on the bridge one by one unless Jack surrenders to her. Jack believes he can take back the bridge from Vadic, but they need Data to overpower his evil twin, Lore, and re-take control of the ship’s computer system.

Meanwhile, with Worf’s help, Riker and his wife, Counselor Troi, escape their captors. They manage to board the cloaked vessel that Worf and Raffi brought.

Episodes 307 and 308 of STAR TREK: PICARD are the most riveting, exciting episodes of the final season to date, and perhaps even the whole series. They capture the best of what made their predecessor, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION so beloved 30 years ago. The two episodes ratchet up the tension between old enemies and increase the camaraderie of old friends. They also ratchet up Picard’s relations with his son and a revived Data, and the tantalizing question of what is so special about Jack Crusher up to the Nth degree. The program’s excellent sense of humor also never flags. For example, Picard proves he’s not a changeling to Geordi by reminding him that, when Geordi said Picard’s gift of wine to him was too dry, Picrad replied, “Your taste in wine is pedestrian at best.” The battle between Data and Lore is epic and not to be missed. All in all, Episodes 307 and 308 both do a good job of being very entertaining on all fronts.

Despite a couple references to evolution, Episode 307 and 308 have a strong moral worldview stressing love, friendship, sacrifice, and freedom overcoming tyrannical, ruthless evil. The main characters work together to save and protect each other and demonstrate self-sacrificial love. Specifically, Jack offers to give himself up to save everybody on the Titan and uses his gifts to save many. Also, Seven of Nine offers herself to Vadic as a sacrifice to save the innocent lives of the other officers. Also, Riker and his wife reunite while imprisoned and work through the grief over their son’s death. Finally, Data combats Lore’s hatred and resentment with love in a way that’s wonderfully winsome and morally uplifting.

All that said, Episodes 307 and 308 of STAR TREK: PICARD contain intense action violence with some blood and some foul language. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for older children and mature viewers.

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