Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:


Several profanities, obscenities and lewd sexual talk; nudity, promiscuity and prostitution; drug abuse; and, violent killings.

More Detail:

The king of B-grade movies, Roger Corman, brings to the screen another low-budget wonder, the wonder being why this film was even made. STREETS is just one more poorly made movie about how unjust society is, and how hard it is to be a contemporary teenager.

Dawn, a 16 year-old child of the streets, was abandoned by her prostitute mother, and now lives under a bridge with two female runaways. They make a living “whoring” which in their eyes is different from being a prostitute. Contrasted with them is Sy, a typical, but very naive, adolescent male who has pedaled his bicycle into town.

The villain in the picture is one of Dawn’s customers, Officer Lumley, a blond-haired, baby-faced police officer built like Arnold Schwarzeneger. When Dawn is attacked by this rogue cop under the pier, Sy takes on the role of guardian and protector. Together, they rip Lumley’s face, stab his legs, blast him with a sawed-off shotgun and run into him with a fork lift.

Sy suggests that Dawn come home with her, but she declines realizing that Sy’s parents are not going to greet her with open arms. Besides, though this heroin addict has never had the luxury of attending school, the lessons and reality of living on the street have made her far wiser than Sy will ever be. Dawn leaves Sy the only way she knows how — hustling him for money.

Everything about the film is bad, from the cinematography, dialogue, language, prostitution, drug use, and violence to the abhorrent depiction of authority as the villain. What a tragedy it would be for any unsuspecting person to sit through this STREETS.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please pray that all those involved in this movie come to know the Truth.

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