"Promoting False, Occult Buddhist Mysticism"

What You Need To Know:

THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE is an animated fantasy on Paramount+. After his grandmother’s death, Tom becomes the new guardian of the phoenix egg. He must fight to protect the egg against the evil villain, Loo. Loo imprisons several Chinese zodiac animals. Tom, his high school friend, Rav, and his protector, Hu the tiger, fight to free them. However, Loo tricks Tom and steals the phoenix egg. She plans to use the egg’s mystical powers to destroy humanity. Tom and his friends must risk their lives to save the world. However, they can’t defeat Loo until Tom can see the phoenix and discover who he really is inside.

THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE is packed with funny, cute characters. The action and adventure sequences, and the fantastic storyline, keep viewers interested. However, the story presents a pro-Buddhist, non-Christian narrative. It also revolves around the occult Chinese zodiac. Moreover, the movie teaches that the world is made of energy lines called Chi. According to THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE, supernatural power is neutral and becomes good or bad depending on who wields it. These false ideas are abhorrent.


(PaPaPa, FRFRFR, OOO, C, B, VV, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong, slightly mixed pagan worldview with very strong false Buddhist theology that’s also focused on the occult Chinese zodiac wheel, slightly mixed with some redemptive, moral elements where characters run toward danger and risk/sacrifice their lives to save others, grandmother tells her grandson to give compassion to the bully because he needs it, hero’s grandmother and friend sacrifice their lives to save grandson, and there are also some positive messages about the importance of fighting evil and moving forward;

Foul Language:
No foul language;

Strong action violence includes scary evil ghost type creatures, a scary witch, explosions, attempted drowning, swords, zapping with magical powers, and a death;

No sex;

No nudity;

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Female villain tricks the hero and steals a powerful talisman.

More Detail:

THE TIGERS APPRENTICE is about a boy, Thomas “Tom” Lee, who inherits the role of guardian of the phoenix egg from his grandmother, Mrs. Lee. Just before she is killed by the evil Loo, she gives Tom the phoenix necklace that contains all the power he’ll need as guardian of the egg.

However, Loo will not rest until she possesses the phoenix egg. She tricks Tom, steals the phoenix egg, and imprisons all of the zodiacs. Then, she seeks to kill all mortals on the planet. Tom can’t win the battle unless he discovers the true power inside him. The movie has some interesting story elements, along with likable characters. However, behind the story lies in-depth teachings on Buddhism. Strong caution is advised for all audiences.

As the movie opens, Tom is being bullied at his high school. He does everything he can to avoid an altercation. When the bully calls his grandma a witch, it’s too much for Tom to walk away. He blasts the bully to the ceiling with magical powers. The bully remains suspended by his pants.

Rav, a fellow classmate, thinks Tom is pretty funny. So, she befriends him.

Meanwhile, Tom’s grandmother, Mrs. Lee, suspects he’s invited unwanted attention from evil spirits. The Tiger, Hu, arrives just in time to help. The two battle the evil villain, Loo, but to no avail. Loo kills Mrs. Lee, while Hu protects Tom. Just before she dies, Mrs. Lee entrusts Tom with the phoenix egg.

Hu brings Tom to live with him in his antique shop. Tom grieves his grandmother’s death. Thinking the stories his grandmother told him about the phoenix egg and the zodiac were not real, he has no idea what responsibility has been given him.

Hu does his best to protect Tom. He also trains him in the magic arts. Hu hopes Tom will learn how to use his powers efficiently to protect the egg and the world.

Meanwhile, Loo imprisons many of the zodiac animals. Hu, with the help of his dragon friend, decides to work with the remaining zodiac animals to rescue the others. They must travel to the Temple of the Twelve by passing through a portal in the freezer at a Chinese restaurant.

Tom’s friend, Rav, learns her new foster mom is actually Loo. Loo uses trickery to steal the phoenix egg from Tom. Consequently, her power grows.

Tom can’t defeat Loo until he accepts his powers. After Tom loses some epic battles against Loo, the zodiac animals are once again imprisoned. Loo reveals her plans to kill all mortals with the power of the phoenix.

Will Tom discover the power within him to protect the phoenix egg and save everyone in time?

THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE is packed with funny and cute characters. The action and adventure sequences, along with a fantastical storyline, keep viewers interested. However, the story presents a Buddhist narrative. The story also revolves around the Chinese astrological zodiac, which is comprised of twelve different animals, with one animal representing each year on a 12-year cycle. Also, the movie views the human soul as something that can be partially given away to help another. In addition, the story asserts that the world is made up of energy lines called Chi, which assumes the absence of a Divine Creator or God. According to the movie, power or energy is neutral and becomes good or bad depending on in whose hands the powers lies.

In actuality, of course, all power comes from God. Evil always destroys no matter who tries to wield its power. Goodness from God, or grace, will always remain good, and results in what is right and just. The destination of our souls is not left up to each individual, or to a rather harsh and indifferent universe controlled by animals. The Bible teaches there is One True God, who exists in three distinct but not separate divine persons. It also teaches there is one Divine Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins. Jesus loves each one of us personally and seeks to find the lost, bind up the broken, heal the sick, and, most importantly, to save people from their sins and grant them eternal life in Heaven.

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