"Making Fun of the Apocalypse"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

THIS IS THE END is an extremely raunchy, obscene spoof. It’s about real-life actors and comic celebrities facing earthquakes, demons, and each other as the “Rapture” and the biblical Apocalypse come true. In the story, Seth Rogen takes Jay Baruchel to James Franco’s house for a wild party with lots of drugs. Two earthquakes rock everybody’s world. A sinkhole opens up and swallows nearly everyone, but Seth, Jay, Franco, and three other celebrities. Jay thinks the Apocalypse is happening. The others mock him until they see the demons and demonic beasts roaming outside the house.

THIS IS THE END is a wild and raucous action comedy. It’s also extremely raunchy, with constant strong foul language and abundant lewd references. Though God, Jesus, Judgment Day, Heaven, and Hell turn out to be true in the story, the movie spoofs the Apocalypse and things like demonic possession. It also spoofs the Hollywood celebrities who appear in it. Finally, the movie promotes drug use. The abhorrent content in THIS IS THE END is too strong, too frequent, and too offensive to recommend this movie to anyone.


(PaPaPa, C, B, AbAb, FRFR, LLL, VVV, SSS, NNN, AA, DDD, MM) Very strong pagan, somewhat syncretistic, worldview presents a raunchy comic view of the biblical Apocalypse, with some positive nods to God, Jesus, the Bible, Heaven, Hell, and the supernatural being true but also having fun with and making fun of things like Apocalyptic destruction, demons, and being in Heaven, with some false religious notions or self-serving assumptions like some works righteousness and a belief that God will allow marijuana intoxication in Heaven; at least 336 obscenities (mostly “f” and “s” words), 23 strong profanities, 17 light profanities, one or two obscene gestures, and possessed man vomits black liquid all over two people; some extreme gory violence and action violence includes decapitated head rolls around on the floor, and people kick it around, demon eats a person, two earthquakes, people fall into huge sinkhole and into lava far below, a couple arms get torn off, large demonic bull creature chases two men around, forced demonic sodomy, winged demon, driver-less cars crash, air conditioning unit falls on convenience store cashier, implied cannibalism scene as people surround man to eat him, man pricks his finger, woman waves ax at men thinking they are planning to rape her but she misunderstood the conversation, large demon chases people, man gets impaled by street lamb, demon possessed man tied down on bed while one character shouts, “Christ compels you,” and demon at first mocks the man but then appears affected by the words, people fight over water jug, violent screaming; many lewd sexual references and content includes loud graphic argument about self-abuse, man walks in on man getting implied oral sex while it’s implied a second woman was kissing his nude rear end in the bathroom, implied demonic sodomy, two demons are shown to have erect penises, some crude comical homosexual references, man has leash on another man with nude rear end and crudely says a couple times he’s been sodomizing the submissive man, discussion about rape and woman misunderstands what’s being said; phallic images of groin areas of two demons in two scenes, cloth sculpture looks like a penis, some shots of upper female nudity, and shots of rear and upper male nudity; alcohol use at a wild party; smoking cigarettes and extreme illegal drug use includes many references to smoking marijuana, references to doing Ecstasy, man shown snorting cocaine and blowing it in the face of a man who gets upset because he’s never done the drug, and an hallucinogenic sequence after men discover a drug cache; and, deceit, lying, man acts condescendingly to another man and eventually gossips behind his back, man caught in a past lie, selfishness but it’s rebuked and sacrifice is eventually extolled and rewarded, man goes back on his word but then feels sorry, and man gloats but is punished for gloating.

More Detail:

THIS IS THE END is supposed to be an irreverent comedy that’s not to be taken seriously, but it’s extremely raunchy and foul-mouthed, with extreme violence and explicit nudity. Also, it mocks the biblical Apocalypse, though it does take God, Jesus, the Bible, Judgment Day, Heaven, and Hell as true. The movie’s not meant to be a theological treatise, however, so it contains some false religious notions, including some dialogue and situations supporting works righteousness that Protestant evangelicals and reformers would oppose.

The movie’s whole celebrity cast portrays themselves in the movie. The story starts with actor Seth Rogen picking up his old friend, Jay Baruchel, at the airport. The two spend the day playing video games and smoking pot. Seth convinces Jay to come with him to a party at James Franco’s house. Jay is reluctant because he feels uncomfortable around Franco and Seth’s other new friends, especially Jonah Hill who Jay claims is very condescending. Sure enough, Hill appears overly friendly when Jay arrives with Seth at the party.

More drugs and alcohol are consumed at the party. Also at the party are actor Michael Cera and comedian Craig Robinson. Seth and Jay get separated, but Seth eventually agrees to go with Jay to the nearby convenience store to pick up some cigarettes and get some munchies.

While they’re in the store, a massive earthquake strikes. Seth gets knocked down on the floor, and Jay sees several people lifted up into the sky by a blue light.

With chaos all around them, Seth and Jay make it back to Franco’s house. Another massive quake hits, and everyone runs outside, where a massive sinkhole opens up and many celebrities and groupies plummet to their deaths into some lava far below. The only survivors are Seth, Jay, Craig, Franco, Jonah, and comic actor Danny McBride, who was sleeping in an upstairs bathtub during the earthquakes.

They all hole up in Franco’s house, but the food and water start running out. They also hear monster sounds coming from outside. This is especially true when one stranger sticks his head through a hole in the door and some thing outside chops off his head.

Jay is convinced the biblical Apocalypse has happened, but the others mock his conclusion because they didn’t see the people lifted up by the blue lights. Besides, these are very hedonistic, young Hollywood celebrities with foul mouths who love to party and do drugs.

Jay turns out to be right, however. The world outside Franco’s house is literally on fire, with demons and demonic beasts roaming the countryside devouring all those they encounter. Will Jay and his buddies be able to survive, much less save their souls?

THIS IS THE END is a wild and raucous action comedy. It’s also extremely raunchy, with constant strong foul language and abundant lewd references. Though God, Jesus, Heaven, and Hell turn out to be true in the story, the movie spoofs the biblical Apocalypse and things like demonic possession. It also spoofs the Hollywood celebrities who appear in it. Despite the latter, the movie seems to condone, or at least make light of, the stars’ constant foul language, lewd sexual humor, and drug use. The combination results in one of the most foul-mouthed, raunchy, and drug-promoting movies ever made. Some of the violence is way over the top, though some of it is admittedly fun and funny. Finally, more outlandish and unbiblical notions about the Apocalypse may deserve some spoofing, but THIS IS THE END isn’t the way to do it. In fact, the repetitious foul language, lewd content and drug use is a strong sign of poor writing. Maybe the whole cast and crew were high on drugs while creating THIS IS THE END.

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