HICK – Another ‘Child Rape’ Film

By Donna Miller, Contributing Writer

HICK, a movie to be released in the United States on May 11, stars gifted child actress, Chloe Moretz along with Alec Baldwin and Blake Lively. Moretz plays a 13-year-old who runs away from her Nebraska home only to find her worst nightmares ahead on the road.

The movie has been likened to movies, HOUNDDOG and LOLITA.  The tragedy, of course, is that another high profile child actress gets raped in the film.

Although I have been a child advocate for years, I have been soundly criticized (even by my friends and supporters) for referring to movies such as HICK and previously HOUNDDOG as “child rape” movies.  They tell me the term is too harsh.

Liberals incessantly insist that “words matter.” In that spirit, here are a few words that accurately describe HICK:

  • pro-pedophilia movie (pedophiles are attracted to children 13 and under);
  • gift to pedophiles (a former pedophile told me these type films are dangerous for someone with a “perverted sexual habit”); and
  • young child star raped at age 13.

I would NOT use Hollywood’s blatantly deceptive terms describing HICK as ‘coming-of-age’ or ‘edgy.’ The word “seduction” shouldn’t be used to describe the horrendous rape of a child!

When we weaken words, we lose sight of reality. The reality is that Chloe Moretz (like HOUNDDOG’s Dakota Fanning), has a huge following of tweens (8 to 12-year-olds) whose parent may pick up the film just because Moretz is in it.

HICK is being released by a studio based in Canada, but it was produced by three production companies in the United States, two companies based in West Hollywood and one based in New York.

These companies bear the responsibility of destroying the innocence of even more children. They should at least be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, or worse.