5 Creative Family-Friendly Summer Movie Activities

5 Creative Family-Friendly Summer Movie Activities

By Tess Farrand, Contributing Writer

Now that it is the peak of the summer, Movieguide® has a few creative tips on things to do with your family to keep everyone engaged and making memories.

1. Movie outing: Check your local movie theater showtimes to see if they have summer discounts for children. Oftentimes, movie theaters even have a specific day(s) where family-friendly movies screen and concessions are cheaper than at peak hours! Don’t forget to consult our reviews before attending.

2. Create your own drive-in: There’s nothing like camping out under the stars to watch a good movie…. Are your kids having a sleepover or are relatives in town for vacation? This is the perfect way to get everyone involved! If you have a big enough backyard, make your own drive-in with a laptop and downloaded movies from streaming services. Or, if you want to get really fancy, put up a sheet to serve as “the big screen” with a projector and lay out a picnic blanket or towel with pillows to stay comfortable. Also, no movie is complete without popcorn so be sure to have snacks.

3. Make your own movie: Sometimes it can be hard for everyone to agree on what to watch on a Saturday night… Why not create your own story instead? All you’ll need is a phone and some easy-to-operate editing software, which comes on many laptops or is free on the App Store or Google Play. Make sure everyone has a part to play and costumes that their character would love! If you can’t get everyone to cooperate, make a documentary such as “A day in the life of…” and then show your family. You can even go the extra mile by having a premiere for your bible study or friends in your living room…Lights, camera, action!

4. Play Guess the Character: To liven up the dinner conversation, have everyone in your family pretend to be their favorite character from a movie or TV show. After dessert is served, make everyone go around the table to guess who everyone was playing. If they get it right, why not an extra scoop of ice cream?

5. Christmas in July: With temperatures in the 100’s all across the U.S., why not cool down with a taste of winter? Create-your-own movie marathon with family-friendly Christmas movies like A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS or IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. Drink frozen hot chocolate and read the Christmas story. It’s never a bad idea to open the Bible and celebrate Jesus’s birth!