THE CHOSEN To Film Season 2 This Fall, Hopes to Premiere By Easter

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THE CHOSEN To Film Season 2 This Fall, Hopes to Premiere by Easter

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Lights, camera and [almost] action! THE CHOSEN will film the first half of season two during the fall of 2020.

“We are green lit for season two,” said THE CHOSEN’s creator/writer/director Dallas Jenkins.  “We will be filming this fall. The first four episodes of season two at the very least will be filmed this fall …and that means that we will be able to get it out to you even faster.”

Jenkins believes that this opportunity to start production sooner is due largely in part to the prayers of supporters.

“So many of you have prayed,” said Jenkins with gratitude.

Jenkins added, “We feel a sense of urgency because of COVID-19, because of the social unrest. We feel like the world needs more Jesus right now.”

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Since THE CHOSEN is a crowd-funded program, Jenkins and his team have been hard at work fundraising, but COVID-19 halted their plans for a new season.

Originally, Jenkins and his team aimed to get season 2 to audiences by Easter 2021, but he said, “Now we know that we’re going to be able to do it earlier.”

Jenkins detailed where his team is in the pre-production process.

“We’re casting new roles for season two [right now] and uh boy I’m telling you uh we’ve got some amazing [talent],” said Jenkins. “We are finished with episode six currently working on episodes seven and eight.”

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