‘I Just Praise Him and Thank Him’: Ohio Guard on Basketball Successes and Failures

Photo from Mark Sears’ Instagram

‘I Just Praise Him and Thank Him’: Ohio Guard on Basketball Successes and Failures

By Movieguide® Staff

The NCAA’s most significant basketball tournament, March Madness, kicks off on March 15. Ohio University’s Mark Sears hopes to lead his team to earn a spot in the tournament amongst the 68 selected teams.

The sophomore guard revealed that his career with the Ohio Bobcats did not begin how he envisioned.

Sears was the go-to guy for his team throughout high school, but he took a spot on the bench in his first year at Ohio.

“That really hurt me deep inside because as a player, you just want to get out and play and do anything you can to benefit the team,” Sears revealed on the “SchuZ” podcast.

However, Sears took on the challenge and led his team to the NCAA Tournament in 2021, defeating No. 4 Virginia in an upset win.

This year, Sears is a starter and wants to return to the NCAA Tournament. Despite his hard work, Sears credited his faith in God for his success.

“My faith in God really just elevated because nobody else knew how I was feeling but God,” Sears said on the podcast. “So I just feel like being able to talk to Him, just tell Him how I was feeling, just read the Word, that really helped my faith.

“I grew up in church. My mom and dad, they were really on me with that at an early age,” he added. “I feel like that was one of the best things that could’ve ever happened in my life, just to know that I’m not alone and I can always talk to God whenever I want to.”

Sear and the rest of the Bobcats finished the regular season with a 23-8 record and will have to win the MAC Tournament to earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

But whatever the outcome of the Bobcat’s season, Sears said that he trusts God’s plan above his own.

“Even when I have the good games, I just praise Him. I just thank Him,” he said. “I just give Him all the honor and the glory. Even on the bad games, I just thank Him for allowing me to be in the position that I am today. There’s never a day that I go without thanking Him.”