Candace Cameron Bure: Jesus Has All Authority in My Home

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Candace Cameron Bure: Jesus Has All Authority in My Home

By Movieguide® Staff

Actress Candace Cameron Bure recently revealed that the enemy has been attacking her household.

“It’s been cranky in my house for the last few days to the point that it’s weird,” Bure said in an Instagram story on Tuesday. “Like my house is usually really peaceful and happy. And everyone’s been irritable, including me. And everyone is just like, at each other. And it’s been like three days now and it finally hit me. I’m like, oh, there’s a spirit of irritability. There’s a spirit of crankiness, there’s a spirit of confusion. Oh, the enemy is attacking.”

The actress then opened up about some of the spiritual warfare she encountered even in her own home.

“I think so easily we forget, and we want to just blame one another when things go wrong. We forget that there’s a very real and powerful enemy at work every single day of our lives. That enemy is the devil. He’s real. He’s at work, but the devil has no control or authority in my home.

“Jesus has all authority, all power in my home and He remains in my home,” the actress continued. “I call upon the Holy Spirit. I pray out any evil spirits that are in here, and I put on my worship music. It’s just filling my home, so my home is filled with Scripture and God’s Word, God’s power, God’s truth. I just keep reminding myself myself of that.”

For fans and followers who may be experiencing the same thing, Bure asked for them to consider the very real spiritual battle that happens all around us.

“I just want to encourage you today because maybe you are going through a tough time or there are things that are just unexplainable. And yet, they are explainable. It’s just sometimes we don’t see it. But let’s not forget what’s going on in the world around us.”


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