Joanna Gaines: ‘The More Humanity These Kids Can See In Me, The More We’re Going To Connect’

Photo from Joanna Gaines’ Instagram

Joanna Gaines: ‘The More Humanity These Kids Can See In Me, The More We’re Going To Connect’

By Movieguide® Contributor

As Joanna Gaines has gotten older, she’s been reflecting on her life and her mindset as a mother. 

Gaines shared that previously, she thought, “I’m the mom, I should have the answers.” However, now she understands the importance of being “vulnerable.”

“The older I’ve gotten, I’ve realized the more humanity these kids can see in me, the more we’re going to connect,” Gaines explained. 

She continued, “I want them to see the highs and lows, so when they’re feeling anxieties about school or relationships, they know it’s a safe place for them to come to me.”

This lesson comes just in time for a pretty big life change for the Gaines family. Drake, their eldest child, is getting ready to head off to college.

“When [Drake] was Crew’s age, people would look at me and say, ‘Oh, you better hold on tight. It goes by fast,’” she shared. “Now, being a mother of a 4-year-old and an almost 18-year-old, it’s a constant reminder to not take these moments for granted.”

Gaines has gotten comfortable with the idea that she might not always have all the answers, and says that her children are her biggest cheerleaders. 

“They’re encouraging me as I walk out the door like, ‘Mom, you’ve got this. Just be yourself, have fun,'” she laughed. “Sometimes I feel like they’re the parents.”

Movieguide® previously reported on some other life lessons Gaines has learned during her time of reflection:

FIXER UPPER star Joanna Gaines is opening up about getting older and how she has started trying to live a more “grounded” life.

“I’ve realized a lot of joy comes from unplanned moments,” Gaines said. She went on to share a story about time spent with her youngest child, son Crew, who wanted her to get down on the ground and watch some ants crawl. 

“I’m flat on my belly and the whole time I’m thinking, ‘I’m too old for this,’” she laughed. “Then Chip pulls up with the kids and starts honking like, ‘Are you okay!?’ They all thought I fell — because Mom doesn’t normally do that.”

Gaines has been trying to experience more moments like that these days — moments that allow her to savor the now. 

A few years ago, the TV star realized her life had been moving very quickly. 

“I was about to turn 44 and I realized, the last 10 years, a lot of it felt like a blur,” she explained. “It was fast, it was exciting, and there was so much to be grateful for, but there was something in me that just felt so tired. I wanted to go back and regain moments that I had missed along the way.”

Gaines began journaling and reflecting on her life and what she wanted out of it.

She’s sharing that experience in her upcoming book, “The Stories We Tell.”

“In the beginning, I never thought I would share this with anyone,” Gaines shared. “But then when I realized in that vulnerability, when you do share your story, if it inspires one other person to write their story down so that they can see that clarity and purpose in their own life, it’s worth it.”

She continued, “It brings connection. I just started realizing, this isn’t just a process for me. I truly believe that we all have these amazing stories that we have to hold. And when you hold them well, I mean that’s where life is, that’s where beauty is.”

So, what’s next for Gaines?

“I’m 44 years old, and so say I have another 44 years to go, I want to live it lighter,” she concluded. “I want to live more freely. Just be grounded in who I am, what I believe I’m here for.”