3 Things Christians Should Know About STRANGER THINGS

3 Things Christians Should Know About STRANGER THINGS

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer 

Have you heard the hubbub about a Netflix series called STRANGER THINGS? The third season released on the streaming site on July Fourth. Since the series is such a pop-culture entity, Movieguide® felt it necessary to unpack a few points for interested persons who want to participate in “cooler chat” while also exercising discernment…

  1. The show centers around dealing with other dimensions

The premise of the STRANGER THINGS series follows a group of teenagers as they unexpectedly collide with another reality or dimensions referred to in the show as “The Upside Down.”

Set in the 1980s, the sci-fi series speculates what would happen if people were aware of other forces that exert control in what we know as our everyday life.

Some characters get overtaken by an inter-dimensional creature known as the “Mind-Flayer,” which makes them act in ways that are contrary to their personality and give this creature more power.

Perhaps Christians could draw a biblical correlation with Ephesians 6:12, that we battle not against flesh and blood. Sometimes, only Christ-followers know the extent of other spiritual realms and the influence the Satan has over his earthly reign.

Even still, it’s paramount that believers recognize that while this is fictional, it still requires discernment.

  1. Children characters swear — a lot

Now in its third season, most viewers of STRANGER THINGS won’t be surprised by the amount of swearing in the series. However, Christians will be surprised to know that many of the expletives come from the mouths of children.

Vid Angel released a graphic detailing how the most recent season took swearing to a new level. On a whole, Movieguide® found that most episodes were jam-packed with plenty of unsavory foul language.

  1. Some scenes are very violent and merit extreme caution

As the plot thickens with the inter-dimensional creature, the characters in STRANGER THINGS gear up to fight it with all their might. Due to the sci-fi nature of the show, some scenes are violent and action-oriented, but the scenes are mainly CGI.

That said, some are a little grotesque with depictions of blood and intense combat.

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