4 Reasons CW’s NANCY DREW Is Not the Wholesome Series You Remember

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4 Reasons CW’s NANCY DREW Is Not the Wholesome Series You Remember

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Literature hero Nancy Drew captivated hearts on the page, but her charisma doesn’t translate in CW’s dark reboot on screen.

The new CW series NANCY DREW made its premiere on October 9, and the title heroin has striking differences from the innocent detective we knew and loved. On screen, the grown-up Nancy Drew encounters the supernatural and the super sexual. Before you show this to your little ones, know these four key differences between the CW cast and Carolyn Keene’s characters.

  1. Nancy is not the innocent girl you remember

When “Nancy Drew Mystery Stories” hit the shelves in the 1930, high-schooler Drew was quite intelligent, classy and knew exactly how to bend the rules to solve her case.  In the modern television series, Drew has graduated and spends her gap year casually hooking up with Ned “Nick” Nickerson. In the pilot episode, CW’s Drew is not exactly the role model parents want for their children. The series opens with strongly implied premarital sex between Drew and Ned “Nick” Nickerson.

  1. The rest of the cast has also grown up – and not in the most wholesome way

We told you about Nancy, but her squad has significant attitude changes, too. Classic characters Nickerson, George Fayne and Bess Marvin take to the small screen with subtle-to-serious changes, according to the actors.

“All of the characters have a 2019 vibe to them,” Tunji Kasim, who portrays Nickerson, said. “They’re all very different from the books. We have new versions of everyone, but we’re maintaining the spirit.”


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  1. The supernatural is very, very real

Though paranormal activity may have launched plots in the book series, Drew always debunked the ghoulish thoughts by the end. In the television series, this just isn’t the case. The producers want to make viewers jump at the things that go bump in the dark.

“Pretty early on you understand that the ghosts are real,” said Executive Producer Josh Schwartz. “There was always a rational explanation for those things in the books, ghosts and haunted staircases and things like dark alleys with who knows what lurking. We wanted to get back to that and embrace the darkness, and some of those supernatural elements felt exciting.”

The CW series opens with a possible suicide, and the haunting gets Drew to investigating. This is really freaky business.

  1. The series doesn’t follow the books

As if the ghost appearance wasn’t enough to indicate the television show plot doesn’t follow in the literary footsteps, NANCY DREW writers reportedly won’t be using the direct storylines from the novels. Instead, the original plots are used as starting points, and the modern NANCY DREW crew will take a darker turn as they solve mysteries. Viewers may see hints of the original storylines, but don’t hold your breath.