Actress Jennifer Garner Goes Back to Church After Filming Faith Based Movie

Actress Jennifer Garner Goes Back to Church After Filming Faith Based Movie

By Connor Gunnlaugsson

MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN, a movie directed by Patricia Riggen and starring Jennifer Garner, seems to be changing the lives of its cast. Set in Burleson Texas, this true-life story follows the family of a twelve-year old girl who is suffering from pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, which leaves her unable to eat. However, after a near-death experience, the family finds that this little girl has been “supernaturally” cured from her disorder.

The more interesting story however just so happens to involve the cast in the uplifting drama, especially Jennifer Garner. Perhaps taking on this role wasn’t just by chance. “What I loved about this movie is that it’s a normal, wonderful family who happened to have leaned on their faith to guide them through the hardest thing in their lives. It’s not a movie that is telling you to have faith. It’s just lifting up people of faith. That was something that was really important to me,” the mother of three said regarding the movie. She continued, “It made me really look at my town of Los Angeles and realize [that] we don’t talk about faith. It’s not a conversation we have between takes on set. [During] this movie it was.”

The touching story regarding the true-life family depicted in the film seemed to have touched a tender spot in Garner’s heart. The actress recalled during an interview the specific moment she was talking about the movie to her children. “They said, ‘Mom, you don’t take us to church.’” The actress remembers that it was only the next Sunday after her own children made that remark that they made the move to go to church and continue to go to this day. “The blessing for me from this film is to be reminded of all that really matters, which is the health of your kids, your family, your loved ones, and yourself so that you can be with all those people. Also, to be reminded to look for miracles wherever you can find them.”

It is truly refreshing to hear such uplifting, positive moments affecting such a gifted actress.