Ainsley Earhardt’s Children’s Book Will Share ‘Sweet, Playful Message Inspired by Scripture’

Photo from Ainsley Earhardt’s Instagram

Ainsley Earhardt’s Children’s Book Will Share ‘Sweet, Playful Message Inspired by Scripture’

By Movieguide® Staff

FOX & FRIENDS co-host Ainsley Earhardt recently announced a book tour for her upcoming children’s book, “I’m So Glad You Were Born.”

“Parents and children both have big dreams—about their life and the wonders the future holds,” Earhardt’s website reads. “‘I’m So Glad You Were Born’ celebrates those dreams as well as the wonder of everyday experiences like all the sweet and special snuggles and cuddles, fun times and learning times too!”

Earhardt also said she will take the book on tour across the country and holding virtual signing days where fans can get a copy of the book signed and ask Earhardt questions.

“I am going to be touring the book and saying hi to all of y’all,” she said. “On Saturday, Spet. 24, I am heading out to Salt Lake City. I am going to be speaking with Sean Hannity. Then on Monday, Sept. 26, we have our virtual live signing, if you want a signed book or ask me questions. We can chit chat over zoom.”

Earhardt also said that the tour would take her to her home state of South Carolina.

“Friday, September 30, I am heading over to Charleston South Carolina. I have never done a book signing there, even though I am from South Carolina, so I am excited,” she said.

The New York Times bestselling author also announced the tour and book launch on her Instagram, noting: “‘I’m So Glad You Were Born’ is full of love and hope and has a sweet, playful message inspired by Scripture that will leave your child without a doubt just how thankful you are that they are in your life and that they were created to be extraordinary.”

In a separate post, she wrote: “A picture book that celebrates ALL the dreams come true- a parent’s, a child’s, and Creator God’s!”


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