Amy Grant Releases 30th Anniversary Edition of Iconic Album

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Amy Grant Releases 30th Anniversary Edition of Iconic Album

By Movieguide® Staff

Baby baby, can you believe it’s been 30 years since Amy Grant first released that track?

Now, one of the most popular voices in Contemporary Christian Music history is rereleasing her “Heart in Motion” album, updated and remastered with today’s technology.

“We dug through the archives and found some previously unreleased tracks and some rare remixes. We also found a few demos and ‘works in progress’. I even went back into the studio with @keiththomasproducer to redo one song entirely. Excited to share them all with you!” Grant posted to Instagram.

USA Today reports that the 30th anniversary edition will be feted with a July 9 double-CD reissue, featuring the original album remastered and a second disc of unreleased songs and remixes of “Heart in Motion” hit singles. On July 30, the album will arrive in remastered vinyl form.

“All of them are a beautiful, sweet memory for me,” Grant says of the songs. “There is such an inclusiveness and a hopefulness. I love the feeling of ‘we’ and ‘us’ that I hear in those songs. You listen to (the first line of) ‘That’s What Love is For’ – ‘Sometimes we make it harder than it is’ (laughs). There’s such an honesty and pureness. Everything feels uncontrived to me. I really do believe that the best thing about music is the ability to lead us and to steer us.”

Grant will begin a Heart in Motion tour later this year, which is partially to reminisce on the album and partially “to celebrate that I’m alive and 60.”

Grant’s music has appeared in several major movies and television shows, and the musician even had a recent cameo in the Netflix movie A WEEK AWAY.

“I spent a day on the set with this incredible group of young people and I was blown away with their talent. I had so much fun being a small part of the production that day. And when I heard ‘Baby Baby’ reimagined in this new way I jumped up and started dancing! So fun!” Grant posted to Instagram.



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