Angela White Explains Why She Left OnlyFans for Christ

Photo from Blac Chyna’s Instagram

Angela White Explains Why She Left OnlyFans for Christ

By Movieguide® Contributor

Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna in the world of sexual content, explained how Christ grabbed her heart and caused her to leave behind her promiscuous life.

“I think it was like a few days before my birthday I told everybody, I was like, look… ‘I need everybody to find me a bishop, find me a church, find me somewhere, [the] only thing I want to do for my birthday is get baptized.’ I mean I’m like calling everybody to get them over here,” White told Christian rapper Lecrae on his podcast.

“Two bishops came, Bishop James and I forgot the other one’s name, and I was like, oh, I got to pick like which on is going to do this, so when I walked over there, I had got[ten] drawn to Bishop James and was just talking and stuff like that,” she continued. “Luckily Bishop James knew the other bishop…so they ended up both baptizing me. Bishop James was inside the water and then the other Pastor was on top, so they were both there and that was on May 11, 2022.”

She didn’t grow up in the church or spend much time around anyone with a strong faith, so White does not know where that strong desire to be baptized came from. However, she does know that it was the Lord speaking to her, and He subsequently put it on her heart to quit her life of stripping and OnlyFans.

“When I stopped [OnlyFans], I remember calling my bishop, it was like three or four in the morning, I was like… ‘Hey, Bishop, I’m about to do this.’ He’s like, ‘What are you about to do?’ I’m like, ‘I want you to be on the phone with me, I’m about to press the button. I’m about to deactivate the Only Fans.’ He was like, ‘Oh! Praise God!’ Because Bishop’s never said anything to me, like nobody ever said anything to me,” White said.

“When I stopped Only Fans, I didn’t have a backup plan so that’s like when the faith [comes in],” she added. “That was in November, December when I deactivated it in 2022, so we’ve been rolling by faith this whole time.”

In quitting the platforms and the brand she had created, White gave up millions of dollars. However, she regained her soul, something she would now give everything to keep. As she continued to grow in her faith, White felt called to give up even more of her lifestyle to further live according to God’s will.

“I was just really honestly, just tired. Like tired of waking up and feeling a certain type of way when I know for a fact I’m way smarter than that, you know what I mean…” she said. “After I got baptized I was still partying, you know what I mean, getting lit, all that and then I was like, all right, September 14th, I don’t know if something happened on the 13th where I was like the 14th, that’s it, I’m going sober on these folks. And I’m gonna really stick with it… Now this month on the 14th [I’ll have been sober] for 19 months. So yeah, September will be two years.”

Now, a little over two years since her baptism, White is still celebrating God’s love in her life.

“2 years ago I was baptized on my birthday and God’s love continues to shine in my life,” she posted on Instagram. “Inspired by my mother’s kindness, I’m giving back this year by feeding the homeless on my birthday, following her selfless example. Thankful to be God’s daughter and to spread love and light in the world.”

White continues to run her Blac Chyna platform, but she now uses it to speak to her experiences and encourage others to think hard before trying to emulate that lifestyle, often posting reminders of her faith.

“What God sends you will arrive in clarity, not confusion,” she posted in February.

She also reversed numerous cosmetic surgeries, which she updates her followers on periodically. Her story is amazing, and her faith in Christ is awe-inspiring.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Following a baptism on her 34th birthday, OnlyFans’ top celebrity, Blac Chyna, has rejected her provocative career and abruptly quit the degrading platform in favor of a God-honoring lifestyle.

“I’m not doing OnlyFans anymore,” she said. “I’m kind of past that. It is one of those things where I did what I needed to do at the moment because of the circumstances I was in. Besides, with me being baptized, that’s just not what God will want me to do. It’s kind of degrading.

Along with quitting raunchy content, Chyna is undoing many of her cosmetic surgeries and abandoning her stage name in favor of her birth name, Angela White.

White was baptized in May of last year, celebrating the act on her Instagram and speaking of new beginnings.

“Now I’m just going by faith,” she said. “I’m not really going by like the Blac Chyna way or the Angela way. Let me just let God lead me.”

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