Audiences React Negatively to STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI


Audiences React Negatively to STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI

It seems that many STAR WARS fans who attended Thursday evening previews of THE LAST JEDI disliked the movie, according to the Rotten Tomato’s audience score, which states that just 58% of the users liked the movie. This is in stark contrast to the 93% rating from critics.

The Director and Writer of THE LAST JEDI, Rian Johnson, warned that he was really pushing the envelope with the characters and storyline, something that the critics seem alright with, but not the general audience.

The audience score for the movie’s predecessor, THE FORCE AWAKENS, was a solid 88%.

As to why many viewers came away disappointed, many who wrote reviews on Rotten Tomato’s complained about the movie’s long runtime of 152 minutes, the convoluted and multiple plot lines, and no resolution to all the teases from THE FORCE AWAKENS about the background of its heroine, Rey. They also complained that THE LAST JEDI didn’t feel like a STAR WARS movie.

Interestingly, one viewer complained that the movie was a bit politically correct, making the male characters look too weak while going out of its way to make the female characters appear so strong.

Lucasfilm and Disney are so concerned about franchise building the STAR WARS universe, they failed to tell a satisfying story that’s complete, but that also teases the larger universe of the world in which it exists, something Marvel Studios does really well with its superheroes.

Many of the fan reviews are calling on Disney to fire Writer/Director Rian Johnson, who is currently in charge of creating the third part of the current trilogy and creating brand new Star Wars trilogy for Disney.