BACHELOR Star Ben Higgins Says Faith Gave Him Purpose, Power to Overcome Addiction

Photo from Ben Higgins Instagram

BACHELOR Star Ben Higgins Says Faith Gave Him Purpose, Power to Overcome Addiction

By Movieguide® Staff

BACHELOR star Ben Higgins opened up about how his faith in God carried him through some of the darkest moments of his life in his new memoir, “Alone in Plain Sight.”

Higgins, 31, discusses the details of his time as a reality TV star, past break-ups, his addiction to pain killers, and how God led him through all of it.

“I believe in the values of others because I believe everybody matters,” Higgins said. “What is God’s desire of me? And trust me, every day is a different kind of battle. Every day is not that clear but the journey gives purpose to everything. It’s just kind of giving up everything I thought I knew and at the end of the day, like, if I’m loving others and loving God, I’m on the right track.”

Higgins wants to encourage readers of his memoir that they are not alone.

“What I learned throughout the writing process was that a lot of times it felt like people were missing the mark [about me] or I was misunderstood [by the public],” Higgins told Fox News. “Kind of going back to the title, I felt like I was alone, yet people thought they knew me. What I realized is a lot of people feel this way. So, yes, this book was about me, but also about anybody else who people just assume they know in life.”

Higgins reflected on how he did nothing to earn his fame.

“I was handed this thing out of nowhere… I did nothing to deserve this,” Higgins said. “I did not practice to become the ‘Bachelor’. There were no skills [I honed] in my life leading up to that point. I was just thrown into this thing.”

In high school, Higgins underwent surgery on his knee and became addicted to pain killers. Higgins’s battle for sobriety lasted three years.

“Addiction is nothing to make light of and something that you have to confront or takes over your life,” Higgins said.

But Higgins recognized the platform his time on television gave him and felt called to use it to help others.

“[‘Bachelor’ host] Chris Harrison told me once I got [famous], he goes use [fame]to enhance the life you already had,” Higgins said.

“And then my buddy said, ‘What if you use this whole new platform to focus on others, to never use this about yourself, but to hear the stories of others, to enhance the lives of others because it’s never been about you. Maybe you should never be about you,'” Higgins added. “And that perspective really helped me because it’s allowed me to feel like I’m using this platform for something good.”

“Alone in Plain Sight: Searching for Connection When You’re Seen But Not Known” is available now.