Book Review – ‘Rebuilding America: The Biblical Blueprint’


Book Review – ‘Rebuilding America:  The Biblical Blueprint’

By Andrew Drexel

In REBUILDING AMERICA, Ralph Drollinger, founder and president of Capitol Ministries, argues that the American church’s Great Commission efforts must prioritize coming alongside political leaders, thereby reestablishing America as a nation under God. The author’s argument is built on Scripture’s accounts of the Apostles’ work in establishing the early church. In particular, he shows how Paul went to capitol cities and shared the Gospel with many people in leadership positions.

The book is refreshingly short, and its points are clear. Its argument is rooted in sound Scriptural exposition and interpretation, but the author does enter theologically contentious territory. Considering that the book’s primary audience seems to be Evangelical Christians, it doesn’t seem that the book should broach these divisive topics for the sake of convincing the reader that a God-fearing society is good:  these readers already believe this.

Overall, REBUILDING AMERICA makes a clear, biblical case for the importance of evangelizing America’s political leaders of all levels of government. Its concise presentation lends itself to easy access for any believer, no matter how busy he or she may be.


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