Bugs Bunny Turns 80: Timeless Lessons from the Classic Looney Tune

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Bugs Bunny Turns 80: Timeless Lessons from the Classic Looney Tune

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Few cartoon characters are as iconic as that sneaky gray bunny with floppy ears, a carrot hanging out of his mouth and that classic, “What’s up, Doc?” phrase ready to fall from his lips. This year, Bugs Bunny turns 80 years old! 

Voice actor Eric Bauza wasn’t sure he was ready to take on the classic cartoon’s mantle recently. After all, Bugs has been a LOONEY TUNES staple for nearly a century.

“I’ve voiced Marvin the Martian for 10 years. But voicing Bugs? This has been my first experience voicing him these past few months. So it’s been very welcoming. A lot of people have really accepted my performance and they give me all sorts of kudos and accolades on Twitter. Nothing beats getting the approval of the fans,” Bauza told Fox News

LOONEY TUNES, which launched in 1930, first featured the wise-cracking rabbit in the summer of 1940.

“I think the secret behind Bugs Bunny’s success is what’s funny is funny. If it was funny 40, 80 years ago, it’s going to be funny today,” Bauza said. 

Bauza also believes that Bugs Bunny’s success over the years comes from his relatability.

Now, at 80, the rabbit has hopped into the hearts of generations.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products led the celebration for Bugs’ 80th year and revealed an 80-piece capsule collection with KITH’s streetwear brand.  The product sold out in less than 24 hours.

The U.S. Postal Service also honored the timeless character with Bugs Bunny Commemorative Forever stamps. Later this year, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment plans to release the BUGS BUNNY 80TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION.

“I think he represents the everyman, the every rabbit. He doesn’t have a lot of high demands in life. All he wants is a carrot and a nice afternoon where no one bugs him. And if you get on his bad side, that’s when you gotta look out. That’s when he becomes the trickster. But really, he’s just a simple rabbit, nothing to him. I think that’s why he’s so appealing. And I think that’s why when he gets in trouble, people want him to succeed,” Bauza said.


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