‘Cancel Disney Plus’ Trends as Subscription Prices Rise

Art by BoliviaInteligente via Unsplash

‘Cancel Disney Plus’ Trends as Subscription Prices Rise

By Movieguide® Contributor 

As streaming services increase their monthly subscription rates, ‘Cancel Disney Plus’ has started trending. 

“Streaming platforms have become a key part of many studios content distribution plans, but not all of them have been quite as successful as Disney+ was out of the gate,” Cinema Blend reported.

“However what started as an incredible subscription cost has been going steadily up over the last three and a half years. And with the news of the most recent Disney+ price increase and more, it looks like some fans have hit their limit, as ‘Cancel Disney Plus’ is currently trending,” the source continued. “It was confirmed that the ad-free version of a Disney+ subscription will jump from its current price of $10.99 per month to $13.99 per month.”

“Alongside came the news that starting new year, the service will begin to crack down on password sharing, though exactly what form that will take is still unclear,” the video added. “The phrase ‘Cancel Disney Plus’ has seen a 510% increase since the announcement, per NoDeposit.guide. While a price increase certainly means increased revenue for Disney+, if enough people cancel subscriptions, it could mean an overall decline for the service.” 

While rising costs are a factor in canceling subscriptions, many families are disappointed by the immoral liberal agenda Disney has been pushing in recent content.

Movieguide® previously reported: 

It has been years since Disney found real success with a movie release, meaning there has been no box-office success to drum up business for the service. Furthermore, the Disney+ original shows are often dull takes, adding to overdone franchises, such as Marvel and Star Wars.

Struggles across the board have left Disney’s future unclear. A once untouchable giant in the entertainment industry, the company has struggled to adapt to the streaming age, and its insistence on pushing a liberal agenda, particularly in its animated movies targeted at children, has left it unable to capture an audience.

Despite the disappointing changes, Disney plans to maintain its lowest-price ad-supported subscription to retain consumers.

“Disney is certainly hoping that users would opt for the lower ad-supported tier rather than cancel their subscriptions altogether,” X Fire reported. “The lower tier will retain its $7.99 per month subscription price and it doesn’t look like it will be seeing a price increase anytime soon. This is an intentional strategy to retain subscribers amid the price hike.” 

Movieguide® previously reported on Disney+’s password crackdown: 

Disney+ has announced that they will begin to crack down on password sharing starting next month.

These restrictions will begin in Canada on November 1.  The streaming service announced, “Unless otherwise permitted by your service tier, you may not share your subscription outside of your household.”

“’Household’ covers the collection of devices associated with a subscriber’s primary residence and used by the individuals who live there, per the streamer’s help center,” Pix 11 reported. 

Disney also warned, “we may limit or terminate access to the service and/or take any other steps as permitted by this agreement” if people continue to violate the terms. 

Disney+ may offer new paid options to those who want to share passwords.