Candace Cameron Bure Hints AURORA TEAGARDEN May Move to Great American Family

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure Hints AURORA TEAGARDEN May Move to Great American Family

By Movieguide® Contributor

Candace Cameron Bure recently hinted that her AURORA TEAGARDEN series might move to Great American Family after airing on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries since 2015.

Great American Family head and former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbot expressed his interest in bringing Bure’s series to his new network, telling Variety, “The world that she created around Aurora Teagarden was something very special, and certainly something we would love nothing more than to do more of.”

As Movieguide® previously reported, “Bure filmed 30 movies with Hallmark Media while publishing devotionals about parenting, marriage, and faith. In April, Bure announced that she would join former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott’s new family-friendly network, Great American Family.”

After Bure left Hallmark to join Great American Family in an executive role, Hallmark announced that they would not make any new AURORA TEAGARDEN movies. However, the 18 existing movies will continue to air.

Hallmark has not officially canceled the series, and Bure believes that the series could move to Great American Family at some point.

 “It’s open,” she explained. “It’s definitely something we would like to revisit for Great American Family. It’s about putting puzzle pieces together, but it’s very possible.”

Bure is doing more than just starring in Great American Family movies. According to a Great American Family press release, she will take on “a prominent executive role at the company to oversee and curate programming for the networks as a whole.”

Additionally, she will be involved in creating “year-round seasonal celebration content for the networks” and play “a key role in the company’s annual Great American Christmas franchise.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Bure’s transition to Great American Family.

Bure also said she is excited to join Great American Family because it stands for American values often neglected in media and entertainment today, like family, faith and freedom.

“I love the country that I live in. I’m grateful that I was born in this country,” she said. “I’m married to an immigrant; my husband’s Russian and came here when he was 17. He actually defected, couldn’t go back for a long time until we got to citizenship. Having a perspective, being married to someone who really worked his way up to where he is in this country and understanding the opportunities that this country gave him versus the country that he was born in is an incredible perspective — not only grounding for me, but also eye-opening.”

“There’s so many things that we take for granted as Americans,” she continued, “and so Great American Family—I hope that family just represents all the good and the right in our country and is a family that sticks together.”

While the top streamers and network TV stations often push immoral content, Bure said that she is excited for families to be able to enjoy watching something together without fear of unexpected sex, violence, or foul language.

“It absolutely is representing family,” she said of the network. “It’s representing faith, which is a really big component. They are going to move much more forward in the faith content, and having both — still having lots of movies, rom-coms and Christmas movies that don’t involve faith, but also ones that really do. I think that’s that’s going to be a big difference in Great American Family channel, as well as patriotic content. I love hearing stories about our veterans, about our servicemen and women, those reunions when they come home. We want to showcase all of that — all of the good that’s going on and and we want to tug on those heartstrings.”

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