Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up About Sharing Her Faith on THE VIEW

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Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up About Sharing Her Faith on THE VIEW

By Movieguide® Contributor

Candace Cameron Bure says THE VIEW was “one of the easiest places” for her to share her faith. 

“Almost ten years ago, I co-hosted THE VIEW as a permanent co-host for two years, and that was a really tough show because I was the lone conservative,” she said during an episode of the “Am I Doing This Right” podcast. “It’s supposed to be the view and have all different points of view, but it’s really four liberal views and one conservative.”

Despite not sharing the political viewpoints of her fellow co-hosts, Bure explained that it was an easy place for her to share her faith. 

“That was one of the easiest places for me to share my faith,” she said. “I wasn’t great at talking about politics, but I knew what the Bible said, so I could come from my biblical worldview and share about what my opinion was from a faith perspective.”

Bure continued, “A lot of people felt like, ‘Oh, that’s so bold of you,’ but I thought, ‘This is the easiest part for me.’ It’s really the only thing I can [do] because God’s with me, and I know God by reading his word, and I know what it says, so here’s my guide. That’s what I can talk about.”

Bure has previously spoken about her experience co-hosting THE VIEW, saying, “The stress and the anxiety — I actually have a pit in my stomach right now. There was only one type of stress that I’ve ever felt in my life, that came from that show. And I have PTSD, like, I can feel it. It was so difficult, and to manage that emotional stress was very, very hard.”

Speaking about her decision to leave the show, the actress said, “I did not want to be the punching bag for the next four years in that conservative seat” but added that she doesn’t regret her time on THE VIEW. 

“There were so many wonderful takeaways from the show that as difficult as that job was, I’m very grateful for it,” she said. “My confidence really grew from doing that show…I don’t regret anything, I wouldn’t take anything back.”

She spoke about her time on THE VIEW in more detail in an interview with PEOPLE, calling it an “exciting, challenging, informative, emotional, and stressful” job.

“It was one of the toughest jobs I’ve held, but I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to sit at the table with such talented, smart, capable women,” Bure continued. “I also established long-standing relationships off-camera with show producers, crew, talent and guests, which I’m forever thankful for. While I’d never want a permanent seat at the table again, it always feels like family when I come back to the show as a guest.”

Movieguide® previously reported on THE VIEW’s efforts to add more conservative voices:

THE VIEW announced that Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro will be joining the talk show’s panel in the upcoming 26th season. 

Both Farah Griffin and Navarro have appeared on the show before, adding a Conservative voice to the show’s panel of hosts. 

“I couldn’t be more honored and thrilled to join the ladies of THE VIEW,” Farah Griffin said. “The show paved the way for women speaking up and speaking out on TV.”

She continued, “At a time when our country is so divided, often on partisan lines, I’m honored to represent the conservative perspective. I hope to model what is too often lost by our elected leaders; learning from others, disagreeing respectfully, and focusing on finding real solutions for our country.”

Navarro is equally excited to join THE VIEW, saying, “THE VIEW is an institution and incomparable platform for women of different backgrounds to share their opinions and insights.”

“I love being on the show,” she continued. “Thank you to ABC NEWS, THE VIEW family, and our loyal viewers for their continued support.”

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