CCM Radio Giant K-LOVE Announces Plans to Make Movies

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CCM Radio Giant K-LOVE Announces Plans to Make Movies

By Katherine Harrington, Contributing Writer

Radio giant K-LOVE CEO Bill Reeves says his company will dip its toe into the movie market, with plans to release two movies a year.  

“We will do theatrical content,” Reeves confirmed to Movieguide®. “But, as you know, some of the biggest companies in the world are moving to short-form projects online. We’re going to be spending some time there, because we already have a very robust website. We have lots and lots of traffic through our digital platforms. I can tell you that part of my vision is to create for those platforms.”

This is not Reeves’ first foray into movies. He founded The WTA Group, which funded projects like RUN THE RACE and UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION.

Reeves said that while K-LOVE has not totally launched a movie division yet, the company will be creating a “movie fund” similar to WTA that he will have more details on later this year.

He also said that the company will not be developing scripts, but will typically look at projects once a producer is attached.

Reeves said he plans to use the K-LOVE resources to market the movies.

“It’s not just about the launch of a film,” he said. “Even back when we’re shooting the film, we can start talking about it (on K-LOVE). We can start telling our audience, we can use our social media tools and our e-blast list and things like that. We’re not going to overwhelm our listener, but our listeners are telling us, ‘We want more from K-LOVE.'”

Reeves said this can particularly come into play when K-LOVE partners with filmmakers to market movies about songs.

Jon and Andy Erwin have made multiple movies about the true story behind hit the hit songs “I Still Believe,” and “I Can Only Imagine.” Reeves said the radio company is assisting I STILL BELIEVE with some marketing.

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE met with startling box office success, and I STILL BELIEVE premieres on March 13.

Each of these movies, combined with other faith-filled projects to hit screens, shows that KLove is entering the market at a time when Christian audiences are clamoring for quality entertainment.

“We hear the stories. They say, ‘Keep making it better and better and better. We don’t like cheesy anymore,'” Reeves said. “But the thing that makes that happen is the support of that content. I would encourage readers or listeners to continue to support the content that’s out there. Go to a movie. Buy a ticket.”

Furthermore, it’s not just Christian audiences that want wholesome entertainment.

Movieguide® continues to see that families will flood theaters when wholesome movies make their debut. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, which does not have overt Christian elements, does contain many biblical principles and has made $295,618,152 worldwide in less than a month since its opening, despite international theaters shuttering doors due to coronavirus concerns.

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