Chris Pratt Shares Super Bowl Plans, Including His Upcoming Pringles Ad

Screenshot from Pringle’s YouTube channel

Chris Pratt Shares Super Bowl Plans, Including His Upcoming Pringles Ad

By Movieguide® Contributor

Chris Pratt is sharing his Super Bowl plans, from watching the game with his family to seeing the Pringles ad he’s starring in. 

“Everyone will get together to watch the game. It’s sort of a tradition,” Pratt told TODAY, adding that his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, is a “huge” fan of Usher, who is performing this year’s Halftime Show. 

The JURASSIC WORLD star said that his kids are also excited for the big game but for different reasons. His son Jack, who he shares with ex-wife Anna Faris, is a football fan. 

“We play Madden together and watch a lot of games together. We’re both Seahawks fans,” Pratt said. “[Daughters Lyla and Eloise] are just excited to go to ‘Mama G’s house,’” he continued, referring to the kids’ grandma, Maria Shriver. 

There’ll be plenty of excitement for the family even when the game isn’t playing — Pratt is starring in a Pringles commercial, complete with a full mustache. 

“My wife at one point said, ‘You know, honey, I’m the only one who has to suffer through this mustache.’ But I think she was just teasing me in good fun,” the actor joked. 

Katherine even posted on Instagram, “Now all of you get to find out the reason I’ve been putting up with @prattprattpratt’s intense mustache for so many months.”

Pratt added that his kids were fans of his new facial hair. 

“I think they liked it. In fact, I’d been growing my facial hair out for so long that when I shaved, my kids were a little confused, especially my young girls,” he said. “But they like it. I think they like it. And I like it, too.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the Pringles ad:

Katherine Schwarzenegger just revealed that husband Chris Pratt’s new facial hair is part of a new role for the actor: the Pringles mascot, Mr. P. 

Pringles released a teaser for the commercial that shows Pratt facing off with a Pringles can, as well as the ad’s drop date: February 11. 

The chip company also teased Pratt’s involvement in the ad campaign with an Instagram post last week that compared Mr. P’s cartoon mustache to a cropped photo of a man’s facial hair. 

“The big game’s almost here, so we’re upping our ‘stache game. Who do you think it belongs to?” Pringles wrote. The image also featured text that reads, “Once you see it…you can’t unsee it.”

This Pringles ad isn’t Pratt’s first time starring in a commercial, and it’s something the actor says he wants to explore more. 

Pratt told Variety that appearing in commercials is a way he can perform comedic material and still remain close to home, something that’s important to him these days “especially recently with more kids in my life.”

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