Christian Movie Trailer I’M NOT ASHAMED Blocked on YouTube


Christian Movie Trailer I’M NOT ASHAMED Blocked on YouTube

Pure Flix Entertainment has been preparing for the release of their newest drama I’M NOT ASHAMED, about Rachel Joy Scott, a teenage girl who was a victim in the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. The movie, which has an evangelistic message and follows Rachel’s journey of faith, faced some pushback when the trailer was removed from YouTube last October after already receiving over 5 million views. Not only was the video taken down, but the movie’s channel was suspended.

One of the producers behind I’M NOT ASHAMED, Chuck Howard, has asked YouTube for clarification for how the trailer violated YouTube’s video standards. One possible explanation is the movies depiction of the Columbine shooting, which is intense, but not graphic. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Howard contended that that YouTube took the video down because of it’s religious statements, stating, “If you look at all the objectionable videos on YouTube — beheadings, recruitment videos for ISIS — and they take ours down because it has the name ‘Jesus’ in it? It’s the only reason they’d take it down. Then, magically, it’s back up the moment the press calls them on it.”

Howard also contests that the 11 months that the channel was blocked interfered with the promotion of their movie, and they are seeking compensation for 11 months of lost online marketing from YouTube.

The trailer which is now back on YouTube can be viewed below, along with an exclusive clip from I’M NOT ASHAMED.