‘Disney/Pixar Made a Huge Mistake’: Patricia Heaton Blasts LIGHTYEAR For Replacing Tim Allen

Photo from Patricia Heaton’s Instagram

‘Disney/Pixar Made a Huge Mistake’: Patricia Heaton Blasts LIGHTYEAR For Replacing Tim Allen

By Movieguide® Staff

Patricia Heaton recently voiced her opinion of Disney’s decision to cast Chris Evans over Tim Allen for the role of Buzz in the upcoming TOY STORY spin-off movie, LIGHTYEAR.

“Saw the trailer for Buzz Lightyear and all I can say is Disney/Pixar made a HUGE mistake in not casting my pal Tim Allen in the role that he originated, the role that he owns,” the EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star wrote in a tweet. “Tim IS Buzz! Why would they completely castrate this iconic, beloved character?”

Allen previously voiced the character in the original 1995 TOY STORY and several sequels and spin-off series.

Many Twitter users took offense at Heaton’s observation, noting that LIGHTYEAR presents the “real” astronaut that the toy is based on in the previous movies.

LIGHTYEAR director Angus Maclane noted in an interview with Vanity Fair: “In this film, Buzz is the action hero. He’s serious and ambitious and funny, but not in a goofy way that would undercut the drama. Chris Evans has the gravitas and that movie-star quality that our character needed to separate him and the movie from Tim’s version of the toy in ‘Toy Story.'”

Despite backlash from Twitter users, Heaton held to her stance on Disney’s portrayal of the iconic character.

“OK, so the current Buzz Lightyear movie is an origin story — but the reason the character became so beloved is because of what [Tim Allen] created,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet. “Why remove the one element that makes us want to see it?”

While both Allen and Evans are talented actors with successful careers in Hollywood, they fall on opposite ends of the spectrum regarding their political beliefs.

Allen is candid about his conservative values, which even became a mark of some of his work, such as LAST MAN STANDING and HOME IMPROVEMENT.

Aside from the creative choice to swap out Allen as the iconic voice of Buzz Lightyear, the change could also signal another step toward Disney’s emphasis on sexuality over the story.

The company recently catered to the LGBTQ+ community, retreating from its decision to cut a lesbian kissing scene from LIGHTYEAR.

Movieguide® previously reported:

After a recent letter from LGBTQ employees working at Pixar Animation Studios, Disney announced that it would restore a same-sex kiss between two female characters that was initially pulled from the upcoming LIGHTYEAR.

The letter of outrage accused Disney of cutting intimate scenes between same-sex characters from their children’s movies.

In the past, Disney leadership understood that to cut intimate same-sex affection in their projects opens their movies up to the majority audience.

While Walt Disney Company held its ground to focus on story versus sexuality in the past, LIGHTYEAR could mark a significant turning point.

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Disney Pixar not only reinstated the on-screen kiss, but according to producer Galyn Susman, the lesbian relationship plays a significant role in the development of Buzz and the overarching story.

“We’ve always had the lesbian couple. They’ve always been a part of the film. Being able to put back the kiss was important to us. It’s a touching moment,” Susman said, according to /Film.

“It’s the life that’s being lived in front of him by his best friend that he’s not having,” Susman added. “He doesn’t have those kinds of relationships. He doesn’t have a child. He doesn’t have what she has. And so it was important for us to get that back in there.”

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of LIGHTYEAR reads:

LIGHTYEAR is an animated science fiction feature that’s supposed to be the movie on which the Buzz Lightyear action figure was based. Andy, the little boy in TOY STORY, loved the Buzz Lightyear action figure because LIGHTYEAR became his favorite movie. In the story, Buzz is a Space Ranger who accidentally destroys a spaceship’s hyperspace crystal, stranding him and other Rangers on an inhospitable planet. Buzz spends decades testing new crystals. He doesn’t age, but his friends do. When he perfects the crystal, he returns to find an army of ruthless robots have landed and want to take the crystal.

LIGHTYEAR constantly places obstacles in Buzz’s way. The obstacles make an exciting story. However, Buzz isn’t really the hero of this story. His lesbian friend, Alisha, is the real hero. Eventually, it’s her life that inspires Buzz, her granddaughter and everyone else. Thus, the whole movie becomes a validation of LGBT ideology and an attack on masculinity and the biblical view of family. LIGHTYEAR also taints the TOY STORY franchise, because it says the politically correct movie became Andy’s favorite movie.

Just by watching the trailer, Heaton caught on to Disney’s mission for inclusivity. However, in their efforts to be less offensive and more inclusive, Disney is destined to ostracize their audience who want to watch family-friendly, agenda-free movies.

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