Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa Puts Faith Over Fear After Concussion Last Season

Photo from Tua Tagovailoa’s Instagram

Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa Puts Faith Over Fear After Concussion Last Season

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa puts his faith over any fears that concussions could affect his football career. 

In a press conference in April, Tagovailoa spoke about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a condition that could develop if he suffers another concussion, explaining that it “wasn’t going to be a problem” for him. 

“It’s only when you’re constantly hitting your head against something,” he added. “So I think that tailors more towards linebackers, O-linemen, D-linemen—guys that are constantly going at it.”

Movieguide® previously reported that Tagovailoa “experienced a major concussion which caused him to miss the remainder of the season and jeopardized the future of his NFL career” in December 2022.

For Tagovailoa, his love for the game far exceeds his fear of getting hurt. 

“I think I’m far, far ahead,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “It hasn’t been a thought ever since it’s happened. Ever since I’ve been cleared, it’s never been a thought to look back at that.”

He added that he wants to play for as long as possible.

“I always dreamed of playing as long as I could to where my son knew exactly what he was watching his dad do,” Tagovailoa told the media in April. “Yeah, it’s my health, it’s my body. I feel like this is what’s best for me and my family. I love the game of football. If I didn’t, I would’ve quit a long time (ago).”

This season, Tagovailoa has proven that his previous concussion will not affect his performance. 

Last Sunday, the quarterback led his team to a dominating performance over the Denver Broncos. Tagovailoa threw for 309 yards and completed 23 of 26 passes in a 70-20 win over Denver. 

After the win, Tagovailoa told reporters, “This doesn’t compare to anything I’ve seen or been a part of. It just talks about the resilience of our team. Although we were up going into halftime, I’m very proud of the guys and the way they continued to play. No one took their foot off the gas. Everyone continued to play and that’s the result that we got.”

Tagovailoa shared a series of photos on his Instagram highlighting the historic win. 

The Heisman trophy winner wrote, “Prayed for times like these #moreworktodo #finsup.”

Movieguide® recently reported on Tua Tagovailoa: 

Before the 2020 NFL Draft, Tagovailoa discussed the importance of his faith in an interview with CBN’s The 700 Club

“Your foundation is what you’re always going to revert back to,” Tagovailoa said. “For me, my foundation is my faith and my family. You know my faith is what keeps me motivated when I can’t even stay motivated myself. I’m just trying to play football, just trying to be able to take care of my family and be able to use my platform for the right reasons.”

“The greatest gift that God could have given us was His Son. It’s not just a matter of hearing what Jesus Christ is, it’s a matter of getting to know who Jesus Christ is. To really understand and really feel the identity of who you are because of things that He’s done. And I’d say you can only find your identity through Him, if you know Him,” he continued.

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