DUCK DYNASTY’s Willie Robertson Gives Family Updates on Kay and Granddaughter Honey

Photo from Willie Robertson’s Instagram

DUCK DYNASTY’s Willie Robertson Gives Family Updates on Kay and Granddaughter Honey

By Movieguide® Staff

In an incident with the family dog Bobo last month, DUCK DYNASTY’s matriarch Kay Robertson was bitten in the face and forced to go to the hospital.

Kay’s son, Willie Robertson, provided fans with a recent update on the 73-year-old’s health.

“I’m happy to report that she’s doing good,” Willie told Fox News. “I spoke to mom today and she’s actually in Texas visiting my brother and she seemed great and she said her lip is doing well.

“She always tells me to tell anybody who asks that her dog is very sorry for what he did,” he continued, noting that Bobo had reacted out of surprise and not hostility. “So I told her I would keep delivering that message.”

Willie, the father of Sadie Robertson Huff, also expressed his excitement over his new granddaughter, Honey. Sadie, 23, and her husband Christian Huff welcomed their first child, Honey, in May.

“Sadie’s doing great,” he said. “We get to see them all the time and she’s doing good! We’re back on the tennis court again and we’re having fun and the baby’s doing great. So everyone is doing great here in the Robertson household.”

Sadie’s uncle, Alan Robertson, also shared how excited the Robertson family welcomed Honey into the family.

“We laugh but Sadie and Christian look like superheroes. You know, it’s like Captain America meets Wonder Woman or Bat Girl or something,” Alan told Fox News. “And so we knew that this was going to be a special little girl and she’s great. Sadie – it was her first delivery so she had some moments where it was a difficult delivery but she got through it and it just seems like [motherhood] fits her perfectly. It’s like anything else Sadie does.”

He added: “She just has that million-watt smile and it seems motherhood just makes her glow all the more. So everybody’s doing well. The baby is doing great too.”

Sadie recently discussed her pregnancy and how God sustained her and Christian through a stressful time of labor.

Movieguide® reported:

One of the former stars of the long-running American TV series DUCK DYNASTY, Sadie Robertson Huff, gave birth to her first child, Honey, back in May. Sadie heralded her daughter as the “pure goodness of God.”

Together with her spouse Christian Huff, Sadie had a name ideally suited before her infant’s birth. “Honey” is more than just a sweet name for the cute baby. As Sadie explained, her name is inspired by Proverbs 16:24, which says: “Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.”

And that’s precisely what little Honey has been for her parents and extended family.

“I was dealing with so much fear, but I didn’t want to admit to it because I was also so happy and joyful, and I felt like, to admit that I was afraid, it was taking away from how happy I really, truly was. But I…realized it wasn’t that it was taking away. It was that they kind of went hand-in-hand,” Huff told Amen on the episode called “Don’t Believe Everything You Think – Battling Anxiety.”