Dude Dad Taylor Calmus Celebrates SUPER DAD Series Award Win

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Network

Dude Dad Taylor Calmus Celebrates SUPER DAD Series Award Win

By Movieguide® Contributor

Taylor Calmus, known as Dude Dad on YouTube and social media, shared his gratitude after his reality TV series, SUPER DAD, won the Outstanding Kids Reality Series award.

“Proud moment. Our reality television show #SuperDad won an award! I know some of you are confused so I’ll back up…,” Calmus began.

“About 4 years ago, a couple friends and I dreamed up this reality show where I would help other dads built insane backyard projects for their kids,” he continued to write. “After partnering with @rivrmedia and befriending @ChipGaines, it became a reality. We shot 2 seasons and 16 episodes and I can’t tell you how proud of them I am. Each one of them is heartwarming and inspiring in its own way.”

“Not only that but I got to work along side some of my favorite humans ever,” he concluded. “I don’t know if we will ever make another episode of it, but I’m so glad we made the 16 that we did! It’s a great show (award winning) for the entire family, and I hope you’ll go find it tonight on Discovery+!”

In SUPER DAD, “Calmus and his squad of builders team up with families that have an inspired idea for their children.”

He’s inspired by his fans and recently celebrated one million followers on Instagram.

“It’s been a wild ride! I never would have guessed our goofy videos would reach so many people and while the numbers are exciting my favorite thing ever is still reading messages from people of how we have helped them through hard times or inspired them in some way,” he wrote. “It means the world to us. Thank all 1 million of you!”

Movieguide® previously reported on why Calmus creates family-friendly entertainment:

The father of three recently reflected on his journey to creating content specifically geared toward dads and how his move to Colorado kick-started his “Dude Dad” videos on YouTube.

“I’d seen a lot of mommy vlogs, but there was nothing out there for dads,” he told The Gazette. “I wanted to share my experiences as a dad.

“You have decades of culture telling us that being a dad sucks, our dads are stupid,” he continued. “We show the side of competency when it comes to being a dad and being excited about fatherhood.”

Aside from his YouTube channel and show in partnership with Chip and Joanna Gaine’s Magnolia Network, he also published a book called “A Dude’s Guide to Baby Size.”

“What we’re doing is more than entertainment,” he said. “We have a bigger purpose of putting good into the world. We’re just trying to be a happy place in the corner of the internet.”