EUPHORIA Season 2 Uses Excessive, Explicit Material to Address Heavy Subject Matter

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EUPHORIA Season 2 Uses Excessive, Explicit Material to Address Heavy Subject Matter

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EUPHORIA is an HBO television series, starring Zendaya, Hunter Schrader, Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi. It is written by Sam Levinson and directed by Augustine Frizzell, Sam Levin-son and Jennifer Morrison. The show follows 17 year old Rue, a drug addict recently released from rehab, and those around her at school. The teenagers struggle to make their way through ad-diction, sexuality and relationships.

EUPHORIA SEASON 2 follows Rue through her relapse, alongside the struggles of each of her classmates. The series thus far furthers the relationship between Rue and Jules, as well as Rue’s relationship with her family. Nate and Maddy develop their relationship, while Cassie struggles with her feelings on love. Kat wrestles with her feelings towards Ethan, doubting herself and him. The season continues Fez, Ashtray and Cal Jacobs storylines, and develops as they inter-twine slowly through Nate.

Each character struggles with their self-image and worth as they navigate addiction to drugs, al-cohol and love. Each episode has a focus on a character, developing their backstory and current character. This season continues the overall tension between the Jacobs family and Jules, Fezco and Rue. The characters make decisions that affect those around them in extreme ways, and each must discover themselves before disaster strikes.

EUPHORIA SEASON 2 holds a strongly negative worldview, and has very little to no Christian values. The show seeks to demonstrate sexuality, addiction and relationships in a raw manner, yet it tends to romanticize these actions at times. Many characters engage in drug and alcohol use, which is mildly rebuked but often accepted, or tolerated. Sex is frequently shown explicitly, and violence is often used to resolve issues. Profanity and obscenities are heavily used through-out the episodes. Characters use blackmail, manipulation and physical violence to achieve what they want, and is often if not always explicitly shown.

There is excessive foul language and profanity in the episodes released. In 3 episodes, there are almost 200 obscenities. The show also has explicit violence, with the aftermath and gore of said violence being shown without restraint. There is excessive nudity, both by men and women. Throughout the episodes, full nudity is shown several times. Alongside this, there is excessive depicted sexual content, in both hetero- and homo-sexual relationships. There is an excessive amount of drug and alcohol use, with extreme drugs such as heroin being used frequently by characters. The consumption of said drugs and their effects are often portrayed explicitly. The characters engage in several acts of miscellaneous immorality, including cheating in relation-ships, blackmail and manipulation.

The production value of EUPHORIA SEASON 2 is outstanding in its camera work, lighting and writing. The shots and transitions in the show are beautiful and the color palette of each shot and scene is chosen carefully. The lighting and camera work play an important part in the plot line and in demonstrating the emotions experienced by the characters. The writing of the story is su-perb, with exceptional dialogue and a narrative that keeps viewers intrigued and at the edge of their seats. The score and soundtrack for the second season is well-crafted, and further plays into the plot and arcs of the characters.

Overall, EUPHORIA SEASON 2 is an extremely emotionally heavy show that will affect those watching it. The content shown, and the utter explicitness of it are an attribute of this heaviness. It is not a show to be watched without caution. The show has evil and gross immorality and worldview problems that are not suitable for any young audiences and extreme discretion is advised for adults.

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