Fort Hood Terrorist Contacted 9/11 Al Qaeda Cleric

News reports confirm that the Muslim officer who murdered 13 people and seriously wounded many more at Fort Hood in Texas recently had contacted a Muslim cleric in Yemen whose former mosque in Virginia was attended by two of the 9/11 terrorists.

In fact, the two 9/11 terrorists had followed the cleric to Virginia from another mosque in San Diego where the cleric also served.

What’s worse is that the U.S. government knew all about the Muslim killer’s association with the cleric and the fact that the new terrorist killer had also attended the same Virginia mosque!!!

According to NewsMax on the Internet, the FBI reports that 10% of American’s 2,000 mosques preach jihad and extremism.

Local, state, and federal governments need to stop having their decisions influenced by false ideas of political correctness, diversity, and the “peaceful” nature of the Muslim religion and its main holy book, the Koran.

Christianity is the true religion of peace, not Islam. The New Testament documents never preach forced conversion or murder of Non-Christians.

– Sources: NY Times and ABC News, 11/09/09.