From Around the World to Your Neighborhood

If you want to feel tired, take a look at Dr. Ted Baehr’s travel and speaking schedule. But, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dr. Baehr says, “It’s really exhausting at times, but there is so much good accomplished when I travel that it’s something I must do. People need to get the message about Media Wisdom.”

Washington D.C., Korea, and St. Louis are just a few of the places where Dr. Baehr will be in the coming year.

Dr. Baehr is available to speak at your church, homeschool group, civic group, service club, or any other venue where people want to learn about media and how they can protect their families, children and grandchildren from the potential harm in the mass media of entertainment.

You can see where Dr. Baehr is speaking HERE [link] and perhaps he’ll be in your area and can add your event. Or, he’s open to spreading the word to your neighborhood.

Everyone should have a chance to hear Dr. Baehr in person and learn about how to best serve his family and neighborhood with insights gained from 60 years of research and 30 years of working in the mass media.

To schedule Dr. Baehr at your upcoming event, please call Sandra at 1-800-883-3883 or write to


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