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Great Movies Coming to Netflix in April!


Great Movies Coming to Netflix in April!

As Spring rolls in and March becomes April, Netflix adds some great movie choices for your family! Make sure to check out the reviews below first!


1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

+2 Content, **** Quality. CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is a wondrously quirky and, ultimately, heartwarming adaptation of the popular classic children’s book. It has a very strong pro-family message with many moral messages. It’s also…

Deep Impact

2. Deep Impact (1998)

-1 Content, **** Quality. DEEP IMPACT is the most satisfying movie ever made about meteors or comets striking the earth. When the United States government learns about a large comet scheduled to hit earth and destroy all life, it secretly works with Russia to build an…

Dolphin Tale

3. DOLPHIN TALE (2011)

-1 Content, *** Quality. Based on a true story, DOLPHIN TALE is a very entertaining and emotional movie about a little 11-year-old boy named Sawyer who rescues a beached dolphin that has been caught in a fisherman’s trap. Sawyer has two reasons…