How CONTRALAND Reveals The True Extent of a Pornography Addiction

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How CONTRALAND Reveals The True Extent of a Pornography Addiction

By David Outten

The movie CONTRALAND is a documentary about an ex-Navy Seal whose daughter was taken by pedophiles, raped and then escaped.

She and her father have started an organization called Vets4ChildRescue. They entrap pedophiles attempting to entrap children.

While the sex slave trade is an absolute horror for the girls, boys, and women being used as sex slaves, it is also a horror for the pedophiles caught and convicted.

In the movie CONTRALAND several pedophile captures are filmed. CONTRALAND shows us just how depraved the “sexual revolution” and antibiblical attitudes toward sex have made our culture.

Its horrible. One was a grandfather who formerly worked in intelligence. He had come to a house having made arrangements to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. As he stood with his arms handcuffed behind him he had the look of a man whose life was suddenly in ruins. He was not receiving a speeding ticket. He was not being arrested for selling drugs. He was being arrested for trying to rape a 12 year old.

Rightfully, there is still great shame attached to such an arrest. His grandchildren will grow up knowing their grandfather is in prison for this atrocity.

The truth is, this man was a prisoner long before he was handcuffed. He was living a double life. When arrested, he wore a jacket and tie. He had pins on his lapel of the American flag and the Denver Broncos. He probably spent quality time with his grandchildren. He may have been active in a church and his community. He may have been married for many years.

His dual life meant he most likely sequestered himself away from his community so he could search the Internet for sexual stimulation and gratification. When images on the screen no longer satisfied him, his lust burned for sex with children. He look for and found an offer. He acted on it. Only God knows how many offers hed already acted on in the past.

The sex slave trade is driven by customers who are prisoners of lust. Some are prisoners of lusts far uglier than the Denver Bronco fan grandfather. There are men and women who hunger for the torture and sacrifice of babies and toddlers. There are people who live for their next opportunity to engage in a ritual child sacrifice.

Vets4ChildRescue will never have the resources necessary to end the sex slave trade with arrests. Wed have to build much larger prisons.

If a trick” sells for $100 and the sex slave trade in the US is a $38 billion industry, that would mean 380 million opportunities to arrest a sex slave customer every year. These men are judges, teachers, programmers, business owners, politicians, and so many more. Over half the men in church supposedly look at pornography.

If you really wish to end the sex slave trade, you must eliminate the customer base. This cannot be done by arresting every man who lusts for children or another forbidden sexual fix. Whats required is a change in the culture.

There needs to be a counter sexual revolution.

The public, sick of fearing their children may be abducted at any moment, need to denounce the sexual revolution and say, Women, men and children are not sex objects, lust is dangerous, and sex should be reserved for marriage (between a man and a woman).”

This does not need to be authorized law to be enforced by the police. It needs to be the moral standard children are raised to respect. It needs to be the moral standard churches make very clear.

Pastors need to stand up in their pulpits, show some clips from CONTRALAND and say, The time to stop looking at pornography has come. Do not let Satan destroy your life.”

There is an escape plan from lust.

It is Jesus Christ. It is not warming a pew on Sundays and spending quiet time at home on pornography the rest of the week. It is not wearing an American flag on your lapel. Jesus Christ came to set captives free, not from prison after they have been arrested and convicted, but when theyre sitting alone in front of their computer.

Heres how it works: Pornography rearranges your brain. It creates a physical addiction.

Some good pocket of your brain may be screaming, I want out. I want out. Oh God, help me get out.”

Another portion of your brain says, You cant get out. Its who you are. Your lust is like your thirst. It must be satisfied.”

Then Jesus Christ says, I gave my life for your forgiveness and freedom.”

Satan comes back with a sinister laugh and says, Youre too late, hes in too deep, hes mine.”

Jesus says to you, If you will give your life to Me, I will give you a new life set free from all the lusts you have fed to your dead self. This is not a call to show up at church on Sundays. It is a call to love Me and live for Me in quiet times in front of your computer.”

No man who goes to church and looks at pornography has given his life to Christ. He may give a few hours on Sunday, but he reserves a corner of his life to serve Satan and gratify lusts.

Keep going, and you may run into Vets4ChildRescue. You may get your picture made being arrested.

To give your life to Jesus Christ is not a momentary choice that makes you perfect until you die. It is not a get out of jail free” card.

It is not eternal life insurance. It is a commitment to continue giving your life to Christ day-in and day-out, moment-in and moment-out, for the rest of your new life in Him. It is glorious. It is wonderful. It is freedom.

Giving your life to Christ is not gritting your teeth and trying to stop lusting. You may have done that already and failed — again and again and again. Giving your life to Christ is enjoying freedom. It is being excited about what God has for you instead of what Satan has for you.

Its about waking up each morning and asking God, What do You have for me today?”

Life in Christ does involve renewing the mind (and the brain). Jesus Christ will give you a whole new life and send the Holy Spirit to be your constant guide, but He does not give you a new physical body and brain. Neither does he force all your choices the rest of your life. There are habits to break. There are constant choices to make. No one gets them all right.

When someone gets married they make vows. Its a commitment to a relationship that involves countless choices showing respect for that relationship every second of every minute of every day all life long. Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord is a vow.

Its a commitment to make choices in life based on His leading. In both cases, we all make some choices that are not ideal, but sticking with the core of the vow and pursing living it to the fullest is very beneficial. The benefits of seeking to make the most of a marriage or a relationship to Jesus FAR outweighs any sense of loss of freedom.

Freedom to pursue more pornography is a path to slavery, shame and, for some, prison. I know some people find joy in seeing pedophiles caught, convicted and put in prison, but my heart aches for men like the Army recruiter arrested in the CONTRALAND movie.

He had two children ages 7 and 4 who will go from experiencing what looked like a good family life to having a father in prison — shamed for life. I imagine their family income dropped drastically. Who knows what will happen to these children because their father — in his private times — chose to feed desires that lead to disaster.

I absolutely agonize over images of abused children. Even Harvey Weinstein, who in his prime looked arrogant and prideful, looks pathetic when exposed, arrested, convicted, and sentenced. Jesus paid the price for all sin. That includes the sins of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, but the forgiveness He bought for us is only received by those who seek it and are prepared to give their lives to Him.

Those who go to church on Sundays and go to pornographic websites the rest of the week are not living in the freedom Jesus paid for — because they have not accepted the leadership of the Holy Spirit Jesus paid for.

The Holy Spirit never says, OK, just this once, give in to Satan.” If you fail, the Holy Spirit says, Next time say, ‘No,’ and I will help you.”

Right now, there are millions of men and boys who can make a choice today that will keep them from continuing on a path to a meeting with Vets4ChildRescue. Watch the movie CONTRALAND to learn about how a pornography addiction must be addressed before it’s too late.

Is that what you want for your life? Is your lust really what you wish to live for and get arrested for?

If youre a parent, grandparent or individual concerned about what someone you know may be doing in his private moments to feed his lust, please share this article with them.

I hunger to see child sex trafficking ended, but Id prefer the method to be that would-be customers have been set free from their lusts — rather than entrapped, arrested, convicted, and put in prison. I want children raised in families where fathers have been set free from their addiction and can avoid the shame of photos like this.

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