Ice Cube Defends Working With Trump, Says ‘Both Sides Need to Come Together’

Photo from Ice Cube’s Instagram

Ice Cube Defends Working With Trump, Says ‘Both Sides Need to Come Together’

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

While many celebrities are publicly endorsing Democrat Joe Biden, rapper Ice Cube is calling for unity among the country while he defends his work with President Donald Trump.

Ice Cube worked with the president when the  rapper proposed his “Contract with Black America,” (CWBA), which called for reform and a decrease in the opportunity gap.

When Ice Cube released his proposal, he asked both sides of the aisle to assist. However, it was the Trump administration that took immediate action.

According to Fox News, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, met with Ice Cube for three hours about his “Contract with Black America.”

However, Ice Cube is facing massive backlash for working with the administration. 

“I put out a plan, both campaigns wanted to talk to me about it, and I was eager to talk to both campaigns. I’m done playing this politic game, joining sides,” Ice Cube told Trevor Noah during a recent episode of Noah’s THE DAILY SHOW.

“To me, that doesn’t get the job done. You know, what gets the job done is to try to make a deal with whoever is in power and hopefully they see what we’re going through,” he said.

Rather than endorsing a particular candidate, Ice Cube is advocating for civil political discourse. 

“I want to keep our issues top-of-mind and at the forefront of everything. So, you know, it’s politics; the Trump campaign put out those headlines, but you’ve got both sides putting out headlines. You’ve got celebrities on both sides with headlines,” Ice Cube explained. “You know, campaigns try to use political footballs in any way they can. At the end of the day, American people are smarter than that. American people are going to look at all of the facts and go and vote for the person they believe can win and do a better job.” 

Ice Cube called out the critics that discouraged him from working with the political party they disagreed with and encouraged people to come together.  

“I knew whoever did and tried to use me like that would be mistaken because I was going to come out and tell the real,” Ice Cube said.

“I’m going to always speak the truth and that’s the problem. I understand the game. I don’t mind people taking shots at me because I talk to both sides of the aisle, but always believe this is a non-partisan issue. I’ve been saying ‘bipartisan’ but it’s really a non-partisan issue. No matter what side of the fence you’re on, it’s time for both sides to come together and solve this problem.”


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