Joanna Gaines Put Family Ahead of Career Success Twice

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Joanna Gaines Walked Away From Her Career Twice to Be With Her Family

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Joanna Gaines was easily one of the top HGTV hosts and a fan favorite when she and her husband, Chip, announced they were stepping away from their hit show FIXER UPPER to focus on family.

It wasn’t the first time Gaines made that decision, though.

“In 2003, we bought our ‘Little Shop on Bosque’ and opened the first Magnolia Market. In that store, I developed and sharpened my design style and skills, grew as a business owner, and gained much needed confidence in Magnolia Market and myself,” Gaines said.

“After Chip and I had our first two kiddos, we made the tough decision to close the Market and focus on growing and raising our family. During this time, we really honed in on Magnolia Homes, our construction business, for many years. This is where we were able to learn the construction side of things, and we loved the idea that we were ‘making Waco beautiful one home at a time,'” the home maven continued.

That’s when the couple attracted the attention of HGTV and created FIXER UPPER. Part of what fans loved about the Texas-based program was the couple’s obvious devotion to their four (now five!) children.

“You sow seeds early on and work hard to be intentional and then over time you move on to new lessons and challenges. Then one day you look up and the seeds you planted in your little children’s hearts are now in full bloom. Be encouraged today to keep pressing in and tending to their hearts. It will be worth it,” Gaines said in 2016.

The family will return to television with the Magnolia Network, which was initially set to launch this fall but was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions during filming.

In the mean time, Gaines has been hard at work on projects with her family.

Her latest children’s book, which dropped in November, was inspired by her children.

“Between the five of them, they are all becoming very different people — in their likes and dislikes, in how they approach situations, in how they solve problems, and simply in how they go about their day to day,” Gaines said. “My hope is for each of them to know, deep in their bones, that who they are is good, and that the differences that they see in each other and in themselves are to be celebrated.”


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Though the couple walked away from HGTV, it wasn’t the end of FIXER UPPER. The