Kanye West Reveals How the Devil Is Dividing The Christian Community

Photo courtesy of VOUS Church via Instagram

Kanye West: The Devil Is Dividing The Christian Community

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

The devil is dividing the Christian community over music, Kanye West said at his latest Sunday Service in Miami, Florida.

The rapper called for “togetherness” as he discussed how music is creating division and stirring up racial issues.

According to the Christian Post, West said:

“In service to God I got to address this, all this Christian beef that I be seeing. White gospel, black gospel. Do you know the Gospel? Are you really preaching?” West asked in a video from the event.

“Look, Jesus died for our sins! It’s simple. If you believe that, that’s it,” he maintained. “That’s the devil causing these divides even in the Christian community.”

West was preaching at VOUS Church in Miami, pastored by Rich Wilkerson Jr., who also officiated West’s wedding to Kim Kardashian West.

At the same Sunday Service, West noted the irony of his attitude towards his music, “Jesus Is King is my first clean album. I used to spend all my time trying to make my beats be mixed as good as Dr. Dre. Who knew all I had to do was do an album for God and then Dr. Dre would start mixing my beats?”

This is not the first time West preached about the spiritual warfare that runs rampant in today’s society.

At a Sunday Service in Houston last month, West warned Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church about how the media indoctrinates children.

“Thousands and thousands of the images that are fed to children by the age of 6 or 7,” West said. “Within those images are images mixed in that we don’t know about as parents, that are purposefully meant to lower the kid’s superpower and esteem so that they can be more susceptible to consumption, and feel that they need to consume and become part of the robotic, numeric system that controls so much of the media. You can do research on what I’m talking about.”

Check out the photos below for more from West’s Sunday Service at VOUS.


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yesterday about 2,500 people showed up to church. it was hectic it was disorganized it was hot but in the midst of the chaos it felt like God was still in control of everything. yes probably 60% of the people there had never even been to a church and went only to see Kanye. thankfully God uses bait to bring people closer to him – me being raised in church u are raised to be skeptical about everything and sadly it is where I learned how to judge. I can’t lie I wanted to judge so bad and believe that kanye is doing all of this for fame or for money. but yesterday. a billionaire artist that doesn’t need to leave his mansion to make money – performed in a small middle school auditorium for free and shared his story of how his life has changed because of Jesus. God is using this mans story to change so many from young to old. at the end of service, when i saw all those hands go up in acceptance of Jesus into their life, nothing else mattered – nothing. call him crazy because he is so am i – crazy about the one who gave me life. Jesuschrist

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last night was one for the books!! so so sooo worth it 💜 #sundayservice #vouschurch

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SUNDAY SERVICE X VOUS. So thankful to call this place home and to be apart of such a time as this. I love you @vouschurch

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That time when Kanye showed up to church, preaching the name of Jesus 🤟🏼 #JesusIsKing

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