Lauren Daigle’s New Song ‘Hold on to Me’ to Raise Money for Charities

Screenshot from Lauren Daigle’s YouTube channel

Lauren Daigle’s New Song ‘Hold on to Me’ to Raise Money for Charities

By Movieguide® Staff

Award-winning recording artist Lauren Daigle hopes her most recent track, “Hold on to Me,” will raise money for charities.

Although the famous Christian singer started writing the song in 2019, Daigle said she could not predict the timeliness of “Hold on to Me” in 2020.

“This song took on a new meaning, especially after 2020,” Daigle said of her new song. “We wrote this song in 2019. We were on the road and we performed it for the first time in Wichita, Kansas.”

Daigle continued: “I remember, in the moment, loving what the crowd brought to the song. I remember thinking, ‘Ah man, this is really exciting and beautiful,’ just to see their response. I also was like, ‘Wow this is a beautiful song but I wonder, you know what, I wonder when the depth of this lyric is going to hit me because each song kind of hits differently.'”

But after a year filled with uncertainty and a need for hope, Daigle said God answered her question.

“So, 2020 happens, and the team was like we should release ‘Hold On To Me’ even though I had no idea that this year was about to come,” Daigle said. “I think that’s what makes song so special, is just the fact that you write it with a certain intent, and a certain feeling and certain purpose, and time happens, and then you realize, ‘wow, that lyric might have been for something completely different.’

“Fast forward, now we’re in 2021. And looking back, people need to feel like there’s somebody there next to them, needs to feel like ‘I have somebody I can lean on, I have an army, even when I’m not myself, even when I feel doubt or feel discouraged or feel angst, or feel uncertainty, there are people that can see beyond.’ Those are the people that I love to lean on.”

Not only does Daigle’s song offer hope by pointing people to the hope in God, but she also wanted her music to meet the physical needs of people who suffer worldwide.

The music video of “Hold on to Me” depicts four different scenes. Daigle explained each scene represents charities that will receive money from her foundation, The Price Fund.

“For the jail scene, we are connecting that to organizations that are a part of prison reform and prison ministry,” Daigle explained in a video posted on Twitter. “For the scene where it’s the couple and they’re getting married and they’re expecting a baby, we’re connecting that room to family dynamics and family ties and charities that help support the family. For the scene where it’s the little girl and she has her trumpet, the couple is arguing in the dining room, we are partnering with organizations that are a part of arts and education as well as ending domestic violence. And lastly, for the hospital room, we are partnering with organizations that try to eradicate human trafficking.”

Watch the video below to see Daigle’s new song.