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Letters To The Editor September


We receive many letters for MOVIEGUIDE®: A BIBLICAL GUIDE TO MOVIES AND ENTERTAINMENT. Here are some


that blessed us:


** Commitment to Quality

Dear Ted,


I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.


“Ted Baehr’s recommendation of THE DERBY STALLION meant so very much to me.


“He is known for his commitment to high quality faith based programming as well as his honesty and integrity. Knowing this, I went to him for a recommendation for my independent low budget film, knowing that he is extremely busy and that he may not have time to help me.


“Not only did his recommendation come quickly but on his word I was very successful in getting my film out to the public successfully.


“I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude and thanks to Ted Baehr.”


Tonja Walker Davidson, producer



** Blessed


Dear Ted,


I want to take a minute and say THANK YOU for being willing to work with Chuck and to give us an opportunity to try to work something out so Chuck could come. You took time out of your extremely busy schedule to talk to me and that meant a lot. I want you to know we are praying for your class starting this week, and we pray a blessing on ALL involved. They are very blessed, and I pray they realize that.


Thank you for being a godly man in the middle of Hollywood and all that transpires there. Thank you for being an example to everyone you come in contact with. We feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and for Chuck to be in a class that you taught. He has said many times he is a better person for having met you.


BLESSINGS on you this week and may God Bless you and everyone in the class.


Chuck and Sharon Cochran



**Jesus Take My Hand




Many thanks!


I’m so grateful you found some positive elements to BREAKING THE PRESS. I think it’s a cool film. I was able to have a song I wrote and produced included in the movie – toward the middle – called “Jesus Take My Hand.” Jamie Slocum (successful Christian artist) is the performer.


Hope all is well.




Michael Lloyd, renowned music producer



** Making a Difference




You are loved. So many times you have reached out to me to express gratitude. It has always touched me deeply. The mission that you have set forth has touched a magnitude of people and have helped countless others in ways that many of us may never know.


I just wanted to let you know that your vision and inspiration through Him are never – will never be forgotten. I know that you must reach out to people on a daily basis and you are making a tremendous difference in this world.


I am proud to have you as my friend. I am honored to know you.


Michael Trent

Fyrefly Creative

San Diego, Calif.



** Insightful Presentation


Hi, Dr. Baehr:


I wanted to thank you for the insightful presentation at the Symposium on “The Idea of a University” how the entertainment industry impacts the university, culture, and especially youth. Yours is a unique ministry that reveals the ubiquitous media influence that most people are unaware of. The Good Book says: “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”


Thanks and God bless.


In Christ,


Oskar Gruenwald, Ph.D., JIS Editor

IDEA Symposium Coordinator



** New Adventures




I have been so blessed to spend this week with you and the others in the group. YOU are a great gift from God, for all of us. And, you have opened so many new adventures to me.


I am so thankful for having met you and your family. I will get right on this during the coming week. I’m very excited and will keep persevering with my script, thanks to your encouragement!


Sarah Jane Murray,

Baylor University professor



** A Healthy Vision




Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. The three days with you and the team were invigorating and full of learning and growth. I believe I caught some of your healthy vision to use our creative gifts and talents for His kingdom, and to be diligent in communicating the Christian worldview in what we write.


I’ve already begun to rewrite my current screenplay using several of the things I learned about showing more and talking less, character arcs, and turning points. You are able to cut to the chase quickly in what makes a screenplay great, and I hope that I can worthily translate that skill in the rewrite.


Once the rewrite is complete, I am considering sending it your way for a paid script analysis. It seems a good way to learn and improve with the hope of truly making a difference. Plus, what a great way to support movieguide.org!


I look forward to our meeting and engaging in dialogue again, hopefully soon.


Dan Wilton



** Godly Guideposts




My wife took my son to TOY STORY 3 for his b-day yesterday and looked at Movieguide® first to make sure it was appropriate!


Praise God and thanks for all you to provide godly guideposts for parents.


Gregg Jackson, radio host



** Encouraging Words




Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I truly enjoyed the class and feel even more excited about continuing to write the screenplay. It will be my pleasure to work with you in the future. I also hope that our class might have its reunion out in California in February. It would be so much fun to meet up with people again.


Blessings and best regards,


Donna Wichelman


Thank you for your correspondence!