Lisa Bevere Reminds Followers To ‘Get Your Value And Your Life From God’

Photo from Lisa Bevere’s Instagram

Lisa Bevere Reminds Followers To ‘Get Your Value And Your Life From God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Minister and author Lisa Bevere recently shared an important lesson she has learned about marriage and relationships, and how God’s love can help you “see people differently.” 

Bevere founded the Messenger International ministry along with her husband John in 1990. She has written books like “Fiercely Loved: God’s Wild Thoughts about You,” “The Story of Marriage,” and “Without Rival.”

In a new episode of her podcast, IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN…4 LESSONS ON MARRIAGE, Bevere reminded listeners that they can only control their own actions. 

“You are not in control of your spouse’s actions. You are only in control of your response,” she emphasized. “I want to say this to you: you are responsible for your own happiness. You don’t want to give that much power to somebody else and say, ‘If you don’t treat me the way that I am valued by God, then I’m not going to feel good about myself.’ You’ve got to get your value and your life from God, and then you’ll have something to give.”

Bevere continued, “I know for me, there was this moment where I heard the Holy Spirit say ‘Tell me I’m enough for you.’ And when you come into this place of worship, God goes from ‘enough’ to ‘more than enough’ for you. And when God is more than enough for you, you’re no longer complaining about people who aren’t doing enough for you. You begin to see people differently.”

She elaborated in the caption of her post, writing, “It’s when He becomes MORE THAN enough for us that we stop looking at what people AREN’T doing and begin to see them DIFFERENTLY. We shift from what we can GET to what we can GIVE.”