Max Lucado and Chris Tomlin Headline Upcoming Good Friday Broadcast

Photo from Chris Tomlin’s Instagram

Max Lucado and Chris Tomlin Headline Upcoming Good Friday Broadcast

By Movieguide® Staff

Pastor and author Max Lucado and Christian singer Chris Tomlin announced a worship service, “Good Friday Worldwide,” that seeks to encourage audiences to reflect on the hope of salvation through Christ’s death on the cross.

TBN will host the service this Friday at 8 p.m. ET.

According to a press release, the “Good Friday Worldwide” event features a sermon from Lucado and music from Tomlin, Pat Barrett, and We The Kingdom. The press release also claims that a surprise, award-winning musical guest will make an appearance.

“We deeply need the message of Good Friday this year,” Lucado told The Christian Post. “The last months have taken their toll on our emotional strength, relationships, and stability. The Good Friday message is much needed and welcomed this year. I’m honored to partner with Chris Tomlin in an effort to bring hope to the viewers of Good Friday Worldwide.”

The program will also air on TBN’s radio partners K-LOVE and Air1 and 30 additional radio stations to reach 32 countries with the Gospel.

“This Good Friday, believers across the Earth will take time out of their day to reflect on the meaning of Christ’s suffering and death,” TBN Chairman Matt Crouch said. “Here at TBN, we’re blessed to welcome Chris Tomlin and Pastor Max Lucado and some talented worship artists as we invite viewers to join us in thanking Jesus for His incomparable gift of salvation.”

The “Good Friday Worldwide” will also act as a replacement for Tomlin’s celebrated Good Friday concert, which is set to return to an in-person format next year.

“Seeing different people with different resources come together to do this is so special,” Tomlin told The Tennessean. “It’ll be on TV with TBN and it’ll be on K-LOVE and many, many different radio stations across the nation. One effort, on Good Friday, sharing this message. Sharing the hope and the love of God with people.”


Leading alongside Tomlin is We The Kingdom’s Franni Cash, who encouraged people to put their trust in God.

“He is here and He is doing something,” Cash told CP. “Our hope is in the fact that Jesus is coming, and we’re going get to be with Him one day. In the meantime, let’s just trust Him and lean into that promise that He’s given us.”

“I love the Scripture that says that ‘all the promises of God are yes and Amen,'” Cash added. “We know that one day we’ll see all those promises fulfilled.”