NBC Pulls Episode of NEW AMSTERDAM Because It Hits Too Close to Home

Photo courtesy of Daniel Dae Kim on Instagram

NBC Pulls Episode of NEW AMSTERDAM Because It Hits Too Close to Home

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor 

NBC pulled an episode of the hit medical drama series NEW AMSTERDAM because it centers on a “deathly pandemic” and hits “too close to home.” 

NEW AMSTERDAM’s Jocko Sims applauded the move, “gotta tell you, even coming off of my last show – ’The Last Ship’ — I did five seasons of a  show that was about a pandemic.” 

The actor continued, “I remember working on the show. It scared me and [I feel]  the same  when we’re on ‘New Amsterdam.’ Sometimes I’d see a piece of the storyline and, you know, I’d see one of the writers and say, ‘Was that true?’ The writers are always drawing from real-life — something that has happened or something that very well could happen.” 

While exercising concern for the global state of affairs, NBC also deflected any due criticism if the episode had aired. 

NEW AMSTERDAM halted production due to COVID-19 but still aired the season finale on April 14, 2020. 

Like THE GOOD DOCTOR’s recent finale, the episode was very emotional for both the cast and crew. 

NEW AMSTERDAM actor Daniel Dae Kim was diagnosed with COVID-19 but is recovering during this time of isolation.  

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