Netflix Ad-Tier Subscriber Count Nearly Doubles in Four Months

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Netflix Ad-Tier Subscriber Count Nearly Doubles in Four Months

By Movieguide® Contributor

During Netflix’s presentation at the Upfront advertisement event, Netflix revealed key subscriber data while also sharing its plans for the upcoming year

Perhaps the most shocking piece of data shared during the presentation was that Netflix’s ad-tier subscription has crossed 40 million users – nearly double the 23 million number it shared in January. Ad-supported viewing has become a major staple in the streamer’s markets that offer it with 40% of new signups occurring under that model.

The continued boost in subscriber numbers that has come from the cheaper plan has carried the total subscriber count to the top 270 million. The company’s closest competitor, Disney+ sits at 117.6 million subscribers, while Max follows at 99.6 million.

With more than double the subscriber count of its competitors, it’s no wonder that, according to Nielsen data, Netflix has had more top ten shows than all other streaming services combined.

“Our audiences are highly engaged – and by engaged, I mean that they are choosing to spend their time watching Netflix,” said Bela Bajaria, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer. “That’s important because engagement is the key to success in streaming.”

“When people watch our shows and movies, they get more value from Netflix, they stick around longer, and they’re more likely to recommend us to their friends,” she continued.

Netflix also announced exciting upcoming events as it continues to dabble with live sports. While Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has previously said he does not see live sports fitting into the company’s current model, recent actions suggest otherwise. The site will be hosting a live boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson in July, and it will air two NFL games on Christmas day with plans to host at least one per year through 2026.

The company’s impressive stats and upcoming plans prove that it remains the undisputed champion of the streaming wars and continues to accelerate away from its competition.

Movieguide® previously reported on the streaming industry:

With the end of the pandemic boom in early 2022, streamers were forced to shift their focus from subscriber growth to profitability, leading to the cable-fication of the industry.

Now they are further following TV’s footsteps with the content they produce.

For streamers to be profitable, they need a large revenue stream and cheap content. Over the past two years, the focus of the industry has been on the revenue aspect. By raising prices, introducing ad-supported viewing and cracking down on password sharing, streamers have begun to stem their multi-billion-dollar quarterly losses. Netflix, however, remains the only service consistently turning a profit, with the other major players still looking for a boost.

Having maximized the money they are pulling from consumers, the streaming services are now looking to lower their operating costs, a change that will transform the content viewers receive.

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