New Christian Album by Lauren Daigle Breaks Through to Non-Believing Community

New Christian Album by Lauren Daigle Breaks Through to Non-Believing Community

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

In recent weeks, you might’ve heard songs like “You Say” or “Look Up Child” by singer Lauren Daigle on Christian radio. As the Christian Post reports, last weekend, Daigle’s album with the same title as her song, “Look Up Child,” was #3 on the Billboard music charts. This ranking put Daigle ahead of secular artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj. In addition, Daigle topped over Ariana Grande’s album, “Sweetener” with the blasphemous song, “God is a Woman.”

Daigle is optimistic in her mission: to propel contemporary Christian music forward to reach the masses.

Daigle told the Associated Press, “We have this saying in my team that’s called ‘Extend the tent pegs.’ And, it’s not to leave behind anybody that has listened to this music so far and that has been along this journey with me because I am 100 percent grateful. So, I don’t want to leave anybody behind….”

Her outlook speaks to sharing the message of Jesus with nonbelievers while also ministering to the hearts of Christians continuing to pursue maturity in their spiritual walk. Daigle’s most popular song on the album, “You Say,” has 25 million views on YouTube and counting. Along with the acclaim on Billboard, God is definitely providing an avenue for the singer to share His truth.

The 27-year-old has experienced a great deal of popularity in the entertainment industry in front of secular audiences before. Daigle performed “Back to God” with Reba McEntire for the Academy of Country Music Awards earlier this year. Her vocal talents are also featured on the soundtrack BLADE RUNNER 2049 which starred Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.

Despite all the acclaim Daigle’s heart for God seeps through in her work. “That’s super-important to me to make music that permeates all the walls and just tear all the walls down. People need love, people need hope. People need joy anywhere in life.”

“Look Up Child” sold the equivalent of 115,000 album units ending the week of September 13th. What’s more, “Look Up Child,” maintains the best week of opening sales since Casting Crowns’ 2009 album, “Until The Whole World Hears.”

The secular community cannot ignore the success of Daigle’s album. Rolling Stones magazine echoes the sentiment that Christian music is a growing force in the music world. “The album’s success highlights something broader, however: the deep persistence of Christian music in the U.S. audience — an aspect of music consumption that has been largely skipped over by headlines proclaiming rap as the sole driver of modern music in America.”

The article continues, “Christian music remains a sizable minority mass. Solid numbers are hard to come by, but at its annual conference in 2015, the Gospel Music Association reported that 68 percent of Americans had listened to Christian or gospel music within the last 30 days.”

Daigle took to Twitter to show the album’s growing popularity.

Christian artists are making great strides in the industry as of late. The new movie UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION about Louis Zamperini’s faith journey features original songs by Switchfoot with a compelling message. Likewise, singer Tori Kelly’s new album “Hiding Place” is gaining popularity with listeners. It seems that God’s hands are on Christian artists as they compete with secular talent.

Please pray in support of these Christian artists in hopes that the gospel will continue to spread through their music.

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